Saturday 13 February 2016


Reader Daisy has created a fab, fun quiz with a Valentine's theme to help you decide which Chocolate Box boy character could be your dream boy!

1. What does your dream boy look like?
a/ He's got to be cool and good looking... fair haired and boy-band handsome. Why not?
b/ He's cute in a boy next door way...
c/ He's different, not your type at all... but he sets your heart racing!
d/ He looks like he just crawled through a hedge... more of a nightmare boy!

2. He asks you out... where will he take you?
a/ To see a band... some mates of his who are really good.
b/ You'll share a Chinese takeaway on the top deck of a London bus...
c/ You'll watch the sunset over a turquoise ocean, talking of travel, hopes and dreams.
d/ To the Mad Hatter Cafe for hot chocolate and chat.

3. Your friends think...
a/ He's gorgeous... they're crushing on him too!
b/ He's great... but quite accident prone!
c/ He's quite serious but kind, and very good for you.
d/ They can't figure out what you see in him!

4. What you like most about him is...
a/ His looks and the way he serenades you on guitar!
b/ The soft centre beneath his rough and ready exterior.
c/ His adventurous spirit, his passion  and his loyalty.
d/ His sense of humour and his kind heart.

5. On Valentine's Day, he will probably...
a/ Write a song for you!
b/ Share a packet of Love Hearts sweets and tell you his troubles.
c/ Whisk you away on a mystery tour, just the two of you...
d/ Spend ages trying to think up a special treat... even if his planning does go a little wrong!

Count up your results...
SHAY is your perfect Valentine's date... he's good looking, cool, musical and he knows all the right people. The minute he picks up that guitar you're lost!
COOKIE is your ideal boyfriend... he needs a friend, someone he can trust and really talk to, and you're happy to take things slowly. He means the world to you!
ASH is your perfect Valentine... he's smart, adventurous and true to himself, and though he's not the kind of boy you usually fall for, there's a strong connection between you. He's your soul mate.
ALFIE is your perfect match... annoying at times, but with a heart of gold! You see a side to him that most others just cannot see, and know that his loyalty and devotion are unshakeable. Awww!

Read about Shay in CHERRY CRUSH; Cookie in FORTUNE COOKIE; Ash in SWEET HONEY and Alfie in MARSHMALLOW SKYE and SUMMER'S DREAM. Plus, most of them feature in the short stories in LIFE IS SWEET!

Cathy says:
Brilliant quiz... what was YOUR verdict? COMMENT BELOW to let me know!


  1. I got a mixture of Cookie and Ash! Finch was my favourite though :)

  2. I got Alfie haha good for me I think! I always loved the idea of Finch too though but I don't think he would be good for me in the real world :p :) :) :)

  3. Ash and Cookie. Kinda suits me =)

  4. Ash! I can see how that fits. I'm definitely intrigued by interesting boys! ;)

  5. Ash, fits well!

  6. i'm probably a mix of cookie ash and shay.but my heart belongs to finch. he may not be a real person but it could be a boy similar to him.

  7. I really like this blogspot. Mine was Cookie and Shay. To be honest, I prefer Cookie just because Cookie's character's more intriguing and mysterious unlike Shay who I've kind of known through the whole series. So...yeah!


  8. I got Ash. Not that I'm bothered with getting him, But I was hoping for Alfie. He seems so much more sweeter and Ash isn't really my type. If he asked me to go on a date in real life I suppose I'd be lucky. I've only had a crush on one boy and I've never been asked out. I'm saying all these nice things about Ash but I still really like Alfie! R.B :-]

  9. Cookie and Shay were my closest ones. I like romantic things and good looking kind, gentle boys but cookie seems more my type. Definitely.

  10. I got Cookie. I reckon out of the choices, he is probably the best match for me. I really like the character because he always has good intentions, and he's caring and sensitive too.



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