Saturday 20 February 2016


Imagine there's a new girl at Tanglewood... a distant cousin of the Tanberry-Costello sisters, who just turns up for a visit. What would she be like? Take our just-for-fun quiz and see what your choices say about YOU!

1. You arrive on the doorstep of your distant cousins, with just a rucksack and a smile. What is your name?
a/ Viola
b/ Zanisha
c/ Kelly
d/ Marie-Louise

2/ The sisters ask where you have been living up until now. What do you tell them?
a/ With your Great Aunt Alexandra, in a large, rambling house in the Scottish Highlands.
b/ In a tower block in inner city London, although only because you are the secret daughter of a famous rock star and trying to avoid the publicity.
c/ In a small terraced house in Oswaldtwistle.
d/ In a down-at-heel chateau in the south of France.

3/ Paddy and Charlotte want to know why you're visiting unexpectedly. You can't tell them the whole story, but you do reveal...
a/ That your Great Aunt Alexandra once lived at Tanglewood, and you're curious to find out more about the family connections.
b/ That you're on the run from the papparrazzi....
c/ That you haven't had a holiday in ages and Kitnor looked pretty cool.
d/ That you have a huge and exciting family secret to investigate!

4/ You are given the gypsy caravan to stay in. You find it:
a/ Filled with the spirits of lost souls... your psychic powers won't let you get a moment's sleep!
b/ Old-fashioned and a bit draughty... and scary at night!
c/ Like heaven, after sharing a bedroom with an annoying little sister for the last six year of your life!
d/ Cool, quirky and private enough for you to work on your investigations.

5/ There is only one sister at Tanglewood you can confide in. Who, and why?
a/ Skye Tanberry - she knows all about the history of Tanglewood and is able to connect with the friendly ghosts who still linger there.
b/ Honey - she is soooo cool, like the big sister and role model you never had!
c/ Cherry Costello - she understands you and doesn't judge you for being a little bit of an outsider here.
d/ You can't trust anyone... this secret could rock the whole family!

6/ After a week, you disappear as unexpectedly as you arrived. Why?
a/ Your job is done. You've communicated with the lost spirits and set them free... they're able to rest in peace now, and you can finally let go of the sad story from your Great Aunt's past you've been uncovering.
b/ Your rock star dad has arrived in London. You'll be back... and you'll bring him along, to sing at the next Kitnor Chocolate Festival!
c/ You've had an amazing week, but if you stay any longer the family might find out that you're not related at all!
d/ Although you hold in your hands a secret that could pull the Tanberry-Costello family apart, you just cannot tell them. You have learned to love and respect them too much to ruin things, and some secrets are better off untold.

Now count up your results...
You love mystery and intrigue, and delving into the past can offer plenty of that! You believe in ghosts and spirits and feel that the past is like another layer, just beyond the present - almost close enough to reach out and touch.
You are looking for drama, glamour and thrills from a book - and also from life! You often dream of having a movie-star mum or a rock star dad... and you'd love to read about a character like Zanisha pitching up in the sleepy backwaters of Kitnor!
You like your stories to be believable and based in reality, but perhaps with a twist in the tail. Like your character, you would love a chance to be welcomed with open arms into the cool and quirky world of Tanglewood... even if you don't really belong there!
Romance, secrecy and a sense of danger are things that bring a story to life for you... Marie-Louise poses a threat to life at Tanglewood, though the sisters don't realise. Thank goodness she likes the family too much to drop a bombshell into their world! But... what IS that secret? ;o)

Cathy says:
Love this fun quiz... there could be a whole new book based on it. Or maybe four! Which character were YOU the most like? COMMENT BELOW and tell us more!


  1. C... Is this hint to a possible new book in the series... Or a spinoff?!?! Xx

    1. Have you noticed how everyones getting the letter C and the letter C is the first letter of both Cathy's first name and last name.

  2. I would be Viola, I would have run away from the flat in London because my rock star dad didn't pay enough attention to me and went out too much. I would be an undercover spy, 002. I would go there on a mission, but also to find out about my past. I am 17 and a half but have a licence to kill. I am trying to find out why a bunch of terrorists have been using paddy's chocolates to conceal weapons, to find out who framed paddy and to get the house off of lockdown as this is the compromise to him being taken to jail. At the end of the story I would offer Honey a place at my work as a spy. She would come with me but be and I would drop the bomb shell that I was her older sister, from one of her dads previous girlfriends before she was born. But my mum died when I was young and left me with my step dad who was my legal guardian till I was 18. At the end my dad would find me with my boyfriend and he would propose and we would get married in tanglewood.

  3. This is so cool. I only just found this website but all of it is awesome. I chose mostly option d but my name was Viola!
    I love the chocolate box stories and hope there will be another one out soon. They are so realistic and heartwarming!

  4. Do I agree with you or what! There like the best books EVER! Shame the series is over. I wonder if Cathy's got a new crazy series up her sleeve!

    P.S I think she probably does! R.B:-]

  5. mostly C... I love your books I hope you have a fabulous new series coming your way.

  6. mostly C i love your books

  7. I got mostly C. I think that this would make a really good new series!!

  8. I got c. But do none of you think it's an inky bit weird that where getting the same answer. UNLESS CATHY'S RIGGED ALL ARE COMPUTERS!!! Well... she probably hastened. But you never no. Still, why the letter c. I love the letter R! Plus that's the beginning letter of my name! ****

  9. This would be amazing - its kinda like Fortune Cookie but not.
    this needs to be a thing.

    And hi Cathy its me ��

  10. Heya Cathy! I got mostly A's and it exactly describes me! I love these quizzes because I feel as if i'm finding a new part of me to explore!

  11. I was a mix between Zanisha and Kelly! Cathy, your books are sooooo awesome! I f a new series is coming out, don't keep it a secret! :)

  12. I got A and C. Is this a hint to a new series??

  13. I got mostly C and Bs

  14. I love your books



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