Wednesday 17 February 2016


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER again... reader Mia has a boy-related worry for Honey Tanberry to unravel!

Mia says:
There is this boy in my class... and I really like him. The trouble is, he doesn't know this! I made a Valentine's card for him but in the end one of my friends had to hand it over as I was just too nervous. I really want to tell him that I like him but I am really scared. What can I do?

Honey says:
If it were me, I would just come out and tell him... or I'd try a bit of flirting so he was in no doubt that I had my eye on him. Not everybody is as upfront as I am though, so let's find a less in-your-face way to help him get the message! The Valentine's card should help... he'll already know that someone is crushing on him, and should be looking around for clues! If you're quite shy and anxious about this, why not go low-key and get chatting to him as a friend? That way the pressure is off and you can talk about silly, ordinary stuff and actually get to know each other a bit. If the attraction stays as strong as ever, good! You can build on this by mentioning a film at the cinema you're dying to watch, or hint that it's been ages since you last went ice skating or whatever, and see if he takes the hint! Once the pressure is off a little bit, he will be free to let you know if he likes you too, which is definitely progress. Not all boys mature as fast as girls do, so even if he does like you he may not feel ready for a relationship. Don't be sad if he doesn't share your feelings... cupid has rotten aim sometimes, but if you get to know him as a friend you'll have gained a mate anyway, and that can't be bad. And if that all seems too long and drawn out... well, just take a deep breath and tell him you fancy him to bits. It always seems to work for me!

Cathy says:
Honey cuts to the chase as usual... would YOU take her upfront and direct approach or can you suggest something more subtle? COMMENT BELOW with your suggestions fro Mia!


  1. You know what Mia, I feel like I'm in the exact same situation! Freaky huh! I'm not even joking!!! I say go for Honeys advise! I'm not very good at advise any whey. I would much rather be you right now. You got the guts to even get him a Valentines card! I would rather run for the hill's! Just be you Mia. In the mean time, he'll learn to like you. But if he doesn't, you know he isn't worth it! But don't act nerve's and stay cool. Pretend your talking to your Mum. But like I said... just be the greatness that you are and he'll soon be attracted.

  2. Creepy. My friend has the same name and had exactly the same problem!!!

  3. With the person I like, I'm finding that Honey's advice on flirting is working well. If they send you "I'm not interested" signals, no harm done...but if they flirt back, you know they're at least somewhat interested!

  4. Butterflyrainbow24 March 2016 at 16:42

    I like a guy. He knows I like him. He is in the year above me in school. My friend also in his year knows I like him. Recently I found out they were dating. I thought I'd be over him by now and I'm torn.

  5. Try to speak to him about it - send him a text if your too scared to do it face to face. It is hard but it's the only way to find out if he feels the same, otherwise you will never know and you'll always be obsessing over him. Be yourself too, you don't want him thinking that your something you're not. Hope this helps xx



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