Wednesday 12 October 2016


Reader Katie talks us through the ups and downs of starting high school... it's definitely nothing to worry about!

Katie says:
Starting high school can be a scary thought, but trust me, it's NOT as bad as you might think it is. All summer long I was worrying about starting - I was dreading it. I was worrying, thinking about it all the time, trying to guess what it would be like. I also felt excited - that butterflies in the stomach feeling. It was a mixture of the two things! I was excited about having a new uniform, a new pencil case and bag... choosing my school supplies was one aspect of it all that I enjoyed. It helped me. Just going round the shop, filling my basket with pens, pencils, notebooks; choosing a brand new school bag made me feel I was getting prepared.

The holidays went by way too fast, and soon it was the night before school started. I had a very sleepless night that night. I woke up early and put on one of my new white shirts, my new pleated skirt and my heavy black blazer. I did up my newly polished shoes. My dad drove me to school and after seemed like an endless journey, we parked up and I walked into the playground. Ultra nervous, I walked into the building where I'd be spending the next five years of my life. But... as the day wore on, my nerves melted away. There was so much to so, so much to learn, so many new people to get to know. I was too busy to be anxious. And... it was fun!

By the end of that first week, I pretty much knew my way around the building. My first week was great and I am genuinely looking forward to my time there. So... if you are starting a new school next year, please don't be nervous on your first day. Take the advice of someone who's done it - you will be awesome!

Cathy says:
Brilliant advice from Katie! I agree - the way to handle something like this which is making you anxious is to jump in and get on with it... see it as a big adventure. Have YOU any tips to help readers handle that first day at a new school? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. For any new beginnings, take a breath. Then go and do it. If you really are nervous, which I suppose many are, do some things the day before. Anything fun, to keep you distracted... and when you go enjoy yourself. This can make it easier. Good luck!!!

  2. So true I love high school so much independence and you feel grownup



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