Saturday 1 October 2016


Three readers talk about their favourite magazines and explain what those mags mean - or used to mean - to them...

Katie says:
OMG, do NOT get me started! My fave mag used to be CREME. It had all the latest celebrity gossip, all the latest trends and always got things right. It was the most teenagerish thing I was into, the ONLY typical teenagerish thing I was into because it put all the cool pop culture things under one umbrella, and it was a New Zealand magazine. Yay! My photo was in it once when I went to see One Direction in concert - that made a perfect night even more perfect! CREME was the reason New Zealanders knew about celebs and glitz and glam. I managed to wangle a six issue gig as a book reviewer for them, but only one issue was published before the magazine folded. It was still awesome. CREME was a major part of my life, I had a subscription and everything, and I won a bootleg Taylor Swift DVD once! Now my fave is good ol' DOCTOR WHO magazine, now over 500 issues old, but I don't read it that often, I'm more likely to pick up a book these days.

Jessica says:
I grew up with MIZZ magazine. It was the mag I turned to when I wanted fashion tips, had questions about make up or a crush on the latest boyband. MIZZ had all the answers, and the problem page was like a big sister in magazine form, giving me information about the whole growing up thing in a friendly, reassuring way. It was always so bright and fun. My friends read it too and it was like we were all in a club where we knew the world was ours for the taking... because MIZZ mag said so. In real life, things are harder, but I loved that optimism and energy. I grew out of MIZZ mag about the same time it stopped being published, but I never did find another magazine that filled the gap. I am a student now, doing media studies, and in first year I wrote an entire essay about the magazine I loved back when I was twelve!

Jennie says:
SHOUT magazine is the only magazine I ever bother with. It has lots in it... everything from celebs and music and gossip to fashion and beauty products and things to do. It has great free gifts too, sometimes. If you read SHOUT, you know how you should look, what you should do, what music to listen to... not that I need to be told but at eleven it is a scary time when you are trying to get the growing up thing right and it helps to have something as a sort of guideline. I think it helps me to feel more confident and it always seems to see things from my point of view and know what I might be interested in. SHOUT is a good read too, I look forward to it every fortnight. My mum buys it on a Saturday along with a copy of HELLO for her to read and a comic for my sister, and we have a lazy Sunday reading. It's a tradition.

Cathy says:
For me it was the long gone JACKIE mag... and I went on to work for them, which was very cool! What mags do YOU like reading? Or do you prefer websites, blogs and YouTube? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I don't really read mags. I mostly watch YouTube videos! :)

  2. I like girlfriend mag, it's Australian, even tho I live in New Zealand, it's really inspiring.Random question but does anyone know of a good dance mag?????????
    Sophie xxxxx

  3. I don't really read mags but in our country there is a book publish monthly for children but I read that,those are amazing full of fun,full of beautiful stories,full of facts (:



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