Saturday 22 October 2016


Readers pick their favourite CC book for the season of mists and falling leaves... make yourself a hot chocolate and settle down for a lovely, lazy, escapist read...

Rosa says:
My fave CC read for autumn has to be MARSH- MALLOW SKYE, because it starts off with Hallowe'en and all the sisters dressed up for trick-or-treating. I love the details about their costumes and this year I am going to try for something a bit like the look the twins did. So, inspiring, too! I love the bit where Alfie jumps out on them (so typical of his annoying-yet-lovable personality) and also the bit where they squash up in the gypsy caravan to tell ghost stories, and the tale of the mysterious Clara Travers begins to unfold.

Sam says:
My favourite CC story with an autumn flavour has to be MOON & STARS from LIFE IS SWEET, which tells Finch's story. It takes place at Hallowe'en and of course a Hallowe'en at Tanglewood is the most wonderful ever. Just perfect!

Faye says:
ANGEL CAKE was the first CC book I ever read and will always be the most special. The story begins in October in Liverpool and runs up until Christmas... and it is absolutely magical. Liverpool is not quite what Anya was expecting, but she finds friendship, family and true love there... what could be better?

Jenna says:
GINGERSNAPS is one of those books I keep coming back to, and as most of the action takes place in the autumn term at school, it fits with the autumn theme! My best scene is where Ginger goes to the canal and finds Sam Taylor, and spots the red fox... plus, blue lemonade! Read it and you'll know why I love this scene so much!

Cait says:
I am a sucker for sad stories and the one that never fails to break my heart is SUNDAE GIRL by Cathy Cassidy. The very last chapter... a long, hand knitted scarf big enough for two people to share, autumn leaves on the ground, a mad dog, a sweet boy with straw coloured hair and an October sky streaked with pink and orange. Best book ever.

Beautiful photo by book blogger Kym; thank you so much!

Cathy says:
It's fascinating to see which of my books have a cool autumn connection, and which books strike a chord with my lovely readers! Do YOU have a favourite CC book, autumnal or not? COMMENT BELOW to tell me more!


  1. I love reading Marshmallow Skye around Halloween/autumn time too, it is so cosy to read with a hot chocolate. I've got good memories of reading it snuggled up inside, it is also my favourite CC book too.... I must read it again soon for Halloween :)

  2. Favourite book... Autumnal or not, I would choose Gingersnaps. It really connects with me, and the fox is gorgeous. I also love the scene when they (Sam and Ginger) meet in the Autumn woods and catch a falling leaf to make a special wish. Such a heart-warming and sad concept to a story. I love this book!

  3. I like reading Fortune Cookie in Autumn - it just suits the season . . .

  4. SUMMERS DREAM FOR LIFE!!! This is like my fav book ever(even tho I'm 14) it's totally inspiring whether you are a dancer or not
    P.S it's actually summer over where I live in New Zealand, so it fits well. Cathy could you PLEASE write another book about dancing, it has inspired me and probably loads of other girls as well.

  5. My favourite is gingersnaps but my favorite bit is when ginger says to Shannon that her friend is a person, not a toy 'cause I really identified with that moment.



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