Thursday 29 September 2016


Make up isn't for everyone... through choice or through necessity, some readers are going for a bare-faced look. And they're loving it!

Sophie says:
I don't think I need to wear make up... I'm happy with how I look. I've tried a few times, just to fit in with my friends, but I soon realised it just wasn't me. Now I'm happy to just be myself, perhaps with lip balm if my lips are sore or it's a cold day. I don't mind other girls wearing make up, I'd never tell them not to, but I do wish everyone could feel comfortable with their looks!

Sarah Jade says:
I would love to wear make up but I suffer from severe eczema and my face is badly affected. I'd love to cover up the eczema but it would only make things worse and trigger a reaction, so sadly it's a bare-faced look for me.

Holly says:
I only wear nail varnish really, and even then not often as I like to get my nails done by a beautician I can't often afford it. Otherwise I don't wear make up at all (unless I'm in a dance competition, where it is expected) as I don't think I need to, and I worry that sometimes it makes your skin look worse than it did to begin with. I'm more for keeping my skin in good condition rather than covering up bad skin because of wearing too much make up too often. I try to cleanse, tone and moisturise every night, too.

Hazel says:
You're so right, Holly! Nothing looks better than clear skin, and going make up free is better for your skin in the long run. I break out in spots sometimes - if I do, I try to eat really healthily (fruit, fruit, fruit!) and drink loads of water to help my skin!

Katie says:
Like Holly, I LOVE nail polish but have only ever worn face make up on stage. I'm generally not a make up person, but I'd love to experiment with special effects make up... can anyone turn me into a zombie?

Seren says:
I am lucky enough to have good skin, and I prefer to go bare-faced as I think that looks better than using lots of foundation. There is a natural glow that bare skin has that make up cannot replicate, and I plan to make the most of it while I can! I have freckles too, and I actually love them, so why would I want to cover them up? I think we should all have the choice and not judge each other on what we choose to do. My cousin has bad acne and I know she uses make up to disguise it, and in that situation I would probably do the same.

Lara says:
I don't wear make up because I want to look like ME and not some identikit model-type character. I do think make up sometimes makes people look all the same. Who says that beauty is about what the magazines say it is? I wish we were all happy in our own skins and content with the way we look! Why try to be perfect when imperfection is a part of being human?

Cathy says:
Some very interesting ideas here... what do YOU think about going bare-faced? COMMENT BELOW and have your say!


  1. I don't wear makeup, but i sorta wish I did because I'm noth completely happy with the way I look

  2. Love my face just the way it is. Sometimes it can be hard to find makeup that is actually healthy for your skin in the long run. Not all makeup is bad for you of course though! I only wear makeup when I perform on stage, no need in my opinion. And yes, it is good to be confident. I do have a friend though that uses makeup to cover up her acne and I understand there. Over all, do what suits you! Everyone is different.

  3. I used to wear a lot of make up, I could never leave the house without it. Then in June, I wasn't feeling great and couldn't be bothered. I then realised that people didn't treat me any different and all I was doing was piling chemicals on my face and wasting money in the process. Not worn it since and my skin looks a lot better.

  4. I wear make up because of bad acne scarring (I know it is causing some extra skin problems but I really struggle without it). I also have a disability so people often stare at me with my walking stick so if I have make up I feel more confident. I don't think my make up is big though I use younique foundation and lip balm but not much else unless it's a special occasion. I've recently got into nail varnish too because it's making me stop biting my nails and also because my hands often swell or look strange so I feel more confident with nail varnish strangely.



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