Wednesday 14 September 2016


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER again, and reader Gillian has a problem for Summer Tanberry...

Gillian says:
I am worried about my mum. She seems tired all the time and sleeps lots, even in the day. Sometimes she doesn't brush her hair or change her clothes, and she can be very grumpy which means I don't bring my friends home anymore. I never know what will make her cross or what might upset her and start her crying. She won't talk to me about it, but there is no reason I can think of why she would act like this. She has missed a lot of work in the past few weeks and I am scared she might lose her job. I think something is badly wrong but I don't know what or what to do.

Summer says:
You're right, something is wrong. I am no medical expert, but it may be that your mum has depression... this isn't always a reaction to an event but perhaps just a chemical imbalance that has caused her mood to dip. Whether the problem is this or something else, the doctor should be her first port of call. As she won't talk to you about what is going on, call in the help of an aunt, a gran, a family friend or neighbour to help persuade her - this will take some of the pressure off you also. With a problem like this, adult support is needed... you cannot cope alone. With meds and perhaps counselling, your mum can come through this low patch and regain her confidence again. Speak out and find some help for her - and for yourself.

Cathy says:
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  1. Could also be that she is getting help, she just doesn't want to trouble you with her problems.

  2. I suffer from depression myself, and there are times when I can act like this. When I am down, the thing I value the most is knowing that there is someone there, even if I don't speak to them or acknowledge their presence in a room, it's comforting to know that I can go to them if I need to. Try doing this for yor mum- even a small gesture like taking her a cup of tea or a glass of water will remind her that she's not completely on her own, and there are people willing to help her through this dark patch :)
    Gem x



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