Friday 2 September 2016


Skye Tanberry has been consulting the stars again... will her predictions for September ring true for YOU? Read on and see!

VIRGO: 24 Aug - 23 Sept
You are hungry for new experiences and adventures right now... give yourself a chance to try new things by signing up for an after school class, a sports club or even a community project. You will shine!

LIBRA: 24 Sept - 23 Oct
You're in the limelight right now... a bit of a magnet for friends and classmates, who are seeing the real you for a change. This is a bit of a life lesson - believe in yourself, be true to yourself, and others will respect you for it.

SCORPIO: 24 Oct - 22 Nov
Feeling like old friends are drifting a little? Widen your circle. Every existing friend you have will have more mates you don't yet know - and you could have lots in common. Organise a big group trip to the ice rink or swimming pool and ask everyone to bring someone the others don\t yet know!

SAGITTARIUS: 23 Nov - 21 Dec
You're running round in circles getting nothing done... time to put a lid on the anxiety and focus on doing one thing at a time. You'll soon start chipping tasks off that to-do list. Get organised and anything is possible!

CAPRICORN: 22 Dec - 20 Jan
This month holds a big surprise for you... a blast from the past or an uncanny coincidence. The past has something to tell you, that's for sure... so enjoy the nostalgia but be sure to learn from the twists of fate too!

AQUARIUS: 21 Jan - 19 Feb
Ouch... you've been a little too extravagant lately and it's time to pull in the purse strings. Time to get your finances under control... or else launch a plan to make your fortune! Car washing, dog walking or babysitting are all things you'd do well at.

PISCES: 20 Feb - 20 Mar
Have you had some friendship issues lately? It could be that you're picking the wrong people, or perhaps that you are giving out the wrong signals. Focus on being the kind of friend you'd like to have - loyal, fun, kind and caring. Sounds crazy, but it works!

ARIES: 21 Mar - 20 Apr
Life has lots of choices for you right now... be honest about what you want, because the opportunity to choose new paths and take new chances is very strong this month. Think about what you want and make the right decisions!

TAURUS: 21 Apr - 21 May
Summer hasn't been quite as light and easy as you may have wished - but the stars are lined up perfectly for you to let go of any stress and enjoy yourself. Going back to school/ college will revitalise your social life and help you lighten up!

GEMINI: 22 May - 21 Jun
Decisions, decisions... be careful of them this month! Always a little bit flighty, you're kind of all over the place in September... and your ever changing thoughts and plans may hurt someone close to you. Keep calm and coast for a while... October brings greater certainty.

CANCER: 22 Jun - 23 Jul
You're in full creative mode this month... full of ideas and inspirations. It's a great time to make big changes, perhaps re-designing your room or letting your fashion flair go wild. Whatever you try, others will admire your originality!

LEO: 24 Jul - 23 Aug
You've had a rocky time recently, but you're finding your feet again... and seeking peace and inspiration in nature. As long as you take time out to refuel, you could be at the start of a hugely creative and productive few months. Go for it!

Cathy says:
Yikes... my horoscope says I'm all over the place right now, and there's certainly a grain of truth in that! Does YOUR star sign ring true this month? COMMENT BELOW to let us know!


  1. i read my friends horoscope and it was soo true

  2. Mine's (Leo) true as well, seeing as I'm starting university this week :)

  3. Leo it was so true, times have been VERY rocky lately, not getting much better ;-0



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