Saturday 17 September 2016


Readers share their fave comfort food treats... could it be love at first bite?

Deborah says:
For me it has to be white chocolate... there's just something so rich but so light about it. It calms me down whenever I feel tense.

Kym says: 
Oreo chocolate because it contains both Oreos and chocolate - can't get much better than that, really! Although, I do have a thing for cakes with fruit...

Natasha says:
I agree with Kym - Oreo chocolate is the best!

Valerie says:
A delicious chocolate bar and a cup of coffee!

Ivana says:
A bunch of chocolates, lollipops, cheesecake... cheesecake mostly. I like everything about it!

Jessie says: 
My all time favourite food is quiche Lorraine, I've loved it all my life. I love the smooth texture and the cheese and bacon combination works so well!

Sara says:
Fish and chips! Nothing beats the smell - and the taste - of chipshop chips, wrapped in paper and drenched in salt and vinegar. We don't have if often but it's a family tradition for us if there's something family-ish to celebrate!

Hollie says:
For me it has to be nachos... with buckets of cheese and lashings of salsa, guacamole and sour cream. I love the heat of the melted cheese with the cool sensation of the cream!

Katie says:
You can't go wrong with cake from the supermarket, or a cheeky takeaway. I've never been able to decide whether I am a sweet tooth or a savoury. My FAVOURITE foods ever are Mexican and pizza. Definite comfort foods right there!

Soumia says:
Chocolate... bananas... mushroom pizza... and that kind of cheese that comes in squared layers!

Chantal says:
I like Turkish Delight, the chocolate kind is nice but ideally the sort without chocolate that comes from Turkey or the Middle East. It's sweet but not too sweet, dusted in sugar and just so beautiful. I first read about it in the Narnia books and it's as good as it sounds!

Ella says:
Anything peanut buttery because it reminds me of my favourite place on earth (Florida) and it also tastes amazing!

Ali says:
I have always loved curry - all curries - but yesterday I discovered a Massaman curry from Thailand which isn't spicy but is very rich and has peanuts in the sauce... a huge recommend! I'm also a sucker for pastry, especially if it's filled with fruit and has a soggy bottom!

Cassia says: 
I love anything sweet, but hot chocolate is my favourite!

Cathy says:
I have to say chocolate, really, don't I? No contest! What is YOUR fave comfort food? COMMENT BELOW to tell all!


  1. Probably.... Goats cheese. I have no idea why! Also pizza and these milka biscuits you can be only get in France.

    1. so into goats cheese to. It's just so amazing. And it always has to be fresh!

    2. Can't choose what !! I love ❤ chocolate �� Turkish delight ❤ cheesecakes cake �� and anything savoury

  2. My favourite comfort food is def cream rolls that we get from a bakery :)

  3. Chocolate for me too and I love cake too, and I do love takeaway chips with vinegar and ketchup as a treat yum!

  4. I have to agree with Hollie, nachos are amazing! Also, enchiladas. I use chopped shitaake mushrooms instead of chicken to make it veggie. My number one comfort food is definitely a huge plate of pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce with mozarella pearls mixed in so they're partially melted. I could eat that all day. It's simple to cook as well! As for sweet treats, I like pastries - egg custard tarts, maple and pecan plaits, vanilla crowns, apricot Danishes, cinnamon buns, chocolate ├ęclairs...yum. So much yum. I'm also really into granola and yoghurt at the moment. It sounds healthy but not with sugary granola and full-fat yoghurt piled high several times a day!

    1. Hiya whatsername, don't think me dumb but what's enchilada? x

    2. Yum yum I love curry too, and chocolate cake with yummy thick crackly icing is the best ever!

    3. Finally some people love curry! Yay! It's not my fave food, I think apple pie is my best...

  5. I am mostly a savoury kind of girl: Tortilla Chips with no sauce, just plain is delicious, cheddar crackers, simple sandwiches with not too much sauce, fruit, crunchy veg with a sweet and sour sauce dip, macaroni cheese, simple pasta with tomato sauce and basil, everything simple, savoury, healthy and preferably crunchy,like popcorn (I LOVE popcorn!). I also have a sweet side, and though I eat a very healthy diet, I love Mr. Kipling's cakes. My favourites are the 'Halloween Fiendish Fancies' with the delicious orange crackly, chewy icing and orange flavoured cream underneath the icing. the soft cake part is simply irresistable and soft. My personal favourite of Mr. Kipling's is definitely the crazily scrumptious 'Almond Icing Battenbergs'. They are pink and yellow rectangles of cake stuck together by the smooth apricot jam layer inside. Then, that is all coated in almond flavoured fondant icing, so chewy and sweet. I love the Bakewell Tarts and Bramley Pies, and I bring them for class parties as they are great for parties. The Angel Slices are great too. As you may have already noticed, AM ONLY INTO FONDANT ICING, USUALLY NOT BUTTRCREAM. My top favourite cimema snack are the Penn State Sour Cream And Chive Pretzels. I do not like soft pretzels, only crunchy ones!!!
    I love vegetable spring rolls, chicken satay and noodles, also rice. Sweet and sour chichen with veg and sauce is good too, and I love whippy ice cream.



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