Thursday 15 September 2016


What are your best memories of summer? Readers share their favourite moments from the holidays... I can feel that sunshine now!

Chloe says:
There are lots of fields near where I live up here in sunny Scotland, and I took this photo one day when we were clowning around on the haybales. When I look at this, it's just like being back there again! The pic reminds me of Coco a bit, too... there's even an old gypsy caravan in the background!

Kym says:
My best summer memory was my birthday... I was overwhelmed with the amount of friends who came together to make sure I enjoyed it. Some chipped in with cake making and there were some very thoughtful pressies. It was a brilliant night.

Katie says: 
Best bits of the summer? Falling in love with CC books all over again, and going to the little area library that looks like a bright, sunny beach shack!

Manda says:
The highlight was definitely meeting my online best friend in real life for the first time and spending time with him... incredible. And earlier in the summer I got to spend two amazing days with people I love, performing in my school's dance show - lots of dances, quick changes and the chance to perform one of my favourite musical theatre songs as a solo. There was a week at dance summer school and a week with Youth Music Theatre UK creating original music, making new friends and learning loads of new techniques. It was quite a summer!

Valerie says:
Sun, sand and Marley, our lovely labrador... camping out near the coast and meeting up with friends, late nights, sleeping under the stars, early mornings, shell collecting, pickibg wild flowers, reading a few good books. Missing my summer!

Trisha says:
Everything about this summer was memorable. I split up with a controlling boyfriend, found the courage to get help of anxiety and depression and met the kindest, most gentle partner ever. I think this has been my best summer ever.

Photo of haybale by reader Chloe... thank you!

Cathy says:
Lots of little things make up my best summer memories... the sand under my feet on our first overseas holiday in four years... sunshine... the coast... hugs from friends... firepit nights with music and singing. What are YOUR best memories of this summer? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Where I am it was winter, and now Spring! I live in New Zealand



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