Wednesday 21 September 2016


Do you love books... and libraries? You could be in the running for a fab award to celebrate the achievements of student school librarians!

Cathy says:
Are you crazy about books? Do you help out in your school library? Are you a vital part of helping to keep it running, or have you been helped by an older pupil librarian who welcomed you to the library and helped you find your way around? This award is looking for reliable, enthusiastic and hardworking pupil librarians...  they could be nominated for a brilliant award which celebrates school libraries and the kids who love them! The award is supported by the lovely AUTHORS ALOUD UK (who just happen to arrange my tours... they're fab!) and will be judged by a panel of leading figures from world of children's books and school library community.

Why not get your school involved? Tell your school librarian about the award - nominations are open NOW and you can find out more about the awards and how to enter HERE.

And if your school doesn't have pupil librarians yet... it's about time it did! Pupil librarian can help bring a library to life and be a lifeline between students and the adult librarian. Lots of amazing ideas - for displays, events, reading groups and celebrations - come to life when there are student librarians around! I love this award, so if your school librarian doesn't know about it yet, please tell her/him... one day soon, it could be YOU in the finals!

Awesome artwork by Children's Laureate Chris Riddell.

I'd love to know more about YOUR school library... COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Cathy, I'm commenting as my daughter Freya was only recently appointed School Librarian, she has just sent this proposal to school for how she wants to save our local library which is nominated for closure - "My plan of Action

    It has been proposed that Penketh library should be closed,there is a consultation period that has been extended until the 21st of October for the council to gain public opinion.
    So here are some of the things we could do: -
    I have got copies of the Feedback Form that we could send out to parents to complete and then send them back to school and I will organise to have them sent back to the library. We could get the school pupils to write a letter each about what the library means to them. We could arrange a visit the library so for people who don't usually use the library to see how good it is. We also could share on the weekly newsletter the web address for the petition to save the library and we could produce save our library posters to be put up in local shops. If we could go to Penketh library please may we do it soon. It would be the best option, as we don't know if it is to be or not to be closed down.
    The web address for the petition is : and councillor Tony Higgins Email is He is responsible for the libraries.



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