Tuesday 30 December 2014


Reader Laura has written a Chocolate Box story that's just perfect for New Year's Eve… again, I've added a little of my own story too, but I think you'll like the result!

It was a family tradition at Tanglewood for the sisters to make a wish and turn the lights out on the old year. Skye kicked off her shoes and peeled off her party dress, changing into a vintage nightie and pulling on red wool socks and an oversized jumper. The Tanberry-Costello party had gone on well past midnight, but until the ritual of saying goodbye to the old year was carried out, the new year could not begin.

The wooden floors were slippy under Skye's socks and she clutched the bannister tightly, her lantern swaying. Summer, Coco, Cherry and Honey followed, all now changed out of their party clothes and into cosy pyjamas, all carrying lanterns; each sister had a different one. Skye's was white metal with punched out stars, Honey's had butterflies, Summer's moon shapes and Coco's flowers. Cherry's was newer and shiny, with tiny pinpricks, and all of the lanterns had tea lights in them, casting long slots of light over the floors.

In the hallway, the girls split up. Honey went into the kitchen, where the dishwasher was still humming gently, washing the last of the dishes. Coco went out to the stables, Fred the dog trotting at her heels. Cherry went into the conservatory,  Summer went into the dining room and Skye to the living room where the tree glowed softly. Carefully, Skye switched off the main lights, padding across the carpet to unplug the tree lights too. The room was dark then, quiet and peaceful, lit only by the lantern. Skye closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 'Goodbye, old year,' she whispered. 'Thank you for everything, the good and the bad, the chances and the challenges…'

In the hall, Coco was shivering in the darkness, stamping snow from her feet; and Honey was handing out hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint candy canes to stir. 'All done?' Cherry asked.

'Everything's quiet,' Coco said. 'All done.'
'Yes, all done,' Skye said. 'Time for bed…'

The sisters went quietly up the stairs, hugging on the top landing before going to their rooms. Skye hugged Summer tighter than usual, tighter than she had last year. The twins went into the bedroom they shared, blew out their lanterns and slipped into their beds. In the light from the fairylights draped around the room, Skye watched her sister's eyes flutter shut, listened to her breathing slow. Skye shut her eyes and tried to sleep, but her mind was buzzing with thoughts of all that happened in the year gone by, and all that lay ahead in the New Year.

'Happy New Year, Summer,' she whispered.
Summer's eyes flickered open and she reached out into the darkness to squeeze her twin's hand. 'Happy New Year, Skye...' she said.

Cathy says:
I hope you enjoyed the story… mostly Laura's with a few tweaks from me to give it a New Year's theme. COMMENT BELOW to let us know what you think… and Happy New Year!


  1. Good job Laura. Cathy, maybe you could do a post a bit like this but with excerpts from reader's stories? Is there any other way I can get involved with the blog? xo

  2. Hi fay, I don't know if you are reading this, but I saw your vintage style and thought that it (and you!) seem really cool! :) I was wondering if you use pinterest? If you do, I would love to have a look at it. Love, Rosie. xx :)

  3. I really enjoyed this story xx

  4. Cool story, I really liked the ending xx:-)



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