Tuesday 2 December 2014


Reader Charlotte agreed to let us follow her on an early Christmas shopping trip… to see if you can buy all your prezzies from one place! She found some very cool buys…

Cathy says:
A supermarket may not be your first choice of places to go Christmas shopping, but give it a go… it's a great way to find all your Christmas gifts in one place, and at great prices too!
Charlotte even managed to check out the gift options while her family were doing the food shop… impressive multi-tasking!

Charlotte says:
I went shopping in Waitrose, but I think most supermarkets would have a similar selection of goodies. My first find was this hairband with silly Santa decorations… it was about £6 I think. This isn't something I would buy for friends, but I would be very tempted to get it for my mum, just for fun - and to embarrass her!

My next find was this gift set - 'Just Desserts' by Beauticology, which was on sale for £5… it included a body wash and a body butter, one strawberry scented and one raspberry cream. It looked lovely and I bet it smells great, too! This is the kind of thing that would be a great present for a friend.

There were some great gift sets to choose from, and other good gift ideas for friends could be novelty chocolate, make up sets, cookies, puzzles, notebooks and stationery, hair accessories etc - even cute purses, mugs and phone covers. If I had been stuck for ideas, the variety of gifts here would have given me plenty of ideas and inspirations for prezzies for friends!

If I'd wanted to - and if I'd had enough money - I could have done all of my Christmas shopping in one go just here in the supermarket! I thought this bright pink manicure set was fun and useful - I might team it with a bright nail varnish if I was giving it to a friend. Whatever your friends interests might be, you can almost certainly find something they'll love… and it's one way to get your Christmas shopping done in record time.

I even saw a few things I'd quite like to find under the tree on Christmas Day myself…

Cathy says:
Do you do all your Christmas shopping in one go, or do you prefer to browse slowly and find the perfect item for each person? Or would you make your own prezzies? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Supermarkets are a great place to find presents. I didn't buy all Christmas presents at Tesco last year but I got one thing for each person from Tesco. My brother got a Lego kit. My sister got hair products. My step-dad got a miniature bottle of Jack Daniels that came with a hip flask. My best friend got a big bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. My mum got a gift card for a clothes shop (seriously, check out the gift card section next time you're in Tesco - the choice is impressive!) and a jumper that she'd admired a few weeks before then found it didn't come in her size. They must have ordered more in because I found it a week or two before Christmas in her size. Very pleasing. I also ordered things online and popped into town to buy gifts but even if I'd only handed out what I'd bought at Tesco, I think my family would've been very happy with that. Plus there's books and DVDs and clothes and phones and large boxes of chocolates for sale in supermarkets and they make great gifts!
    Blue. :-)

  2. That is so cool! I wish supermarkets in Australia were more like this - all ours seem to have is fruit and veg, groceries, flowers and an underpants/bed socks aisle. Wow!

    1. I know! especially if you live in the country!
      but I did buy a Christmas snow globe for my brother



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