Wednesday 24 December 2014


Cathy says…
It's Christmas… have a great day and may all your wishes come true! Last night we went to church and watched a movie and hung our stockings up above the fire. Today will be a very busy one for me… we have lots of family and friends staying and once the stockings have been opened, it's a lazy breakfast and then full steam ahead on the cooking. We're a veggie household, so lots of non-traditional dishes are part of our day… mashed potato snowmen, tofu quiche and a fabulous pasty-wrapped nut roast are just a few of the specialities! And then comes the sweet stuff… trifle, banoffee pie, chocolate yule log and chocolate 'cups' with ice cream. Yum! 

The age range in our house ranges from two to eighty-eight today… antlers and santa hats WILL be worn, and there'll be lots of laughs and quite a lot of chaos. We'll watch just a tiny bit of TV - The Snowman or Father Christmas maybe - and there will definitely be a dog walk through the park. I hope there's a bit of frost!

I still remember the excitement of Christmas when I was little… the Christmassy jumpers (this skiing one was a big favourite, and I wore it in my school photo when I was six…). The thrill of the twinkling Christmas tree and of getting a present you'd been dreaming about for months… and a tangerine at the bottom of your Christmas stocking… those are things you never forget. Naaaww!

Christmas isn't always an easy time, of course. If you know someone who might be struggling for whatever reason, take the time out to call them, send a text, a message, an email; or, if it's someone close to you, give them a hug. That's what Christmas is all about, after all. Have a good one!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you have a fab time… and remember to check in to DREAMCATCHER tomorrow for a big BOXING DAY QUIZ! You can COMMENT BELOW to pass your Christmas wishes on, too!


  1. My Family watch the Snowman and Father Christmas EVERY Christmas!!! As well as the Muppet Christmas Carol and The Gruffalo, its good to watch kiddie stuff sometimes :)

  2. I had a great Christmas but as Cathy says Christmas is not always an easy time. I am praying for the people who have been effected by recent flooding in Thailand around the tenth anniversary of the tsunami there.

  3. i love christmas but i know that many people dont and it is not an easy time for them.for christmas a got some money and im going to buy lots of cathys books as i love the storys and when i read cathys books its like im in a diffrent friend also likes cathy cassidy we borrow eatch others books and we talk about how good the books are and one day i hope to meet cathy in person.



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