Friday 12 December 2014


We asked what your Christmas wishes would be… either for yourself or for the world… or both! This is what you said…

Imogen says:
My Christmas wish would be for everyone to have access to a good education. So many people have been working so hard for this to happen, and I just wish they could see what they have been fighting for turn into a reality. Malala is one of my biggest role models… like her, I think that everyone should be able to have the joy of reading and writing!

Caoilinn says:
I hope I get an iPhone 5c because my phone is really ancient and bad… but most of all, I wish for happiness and love for all my family and friends.

Grace R says:
This sounds quite selfish and greedy, but I had wished forever to have horse-riding lessons and finally I got them. But now the stables is closing and I really, really want one of the horses they are selling. Of course, I won't get it, but you've gotta dream, right? I'll just keep on hoping and dreaming.

Jasmine says:
I would really LOVE to go to the San Diego Comic Con and meet my favourite actors and idols. I dream of it all the time!

Gemma says:
I'd really, really like gymnastics lessons… it would be a big improvement on trying to learn from YouTube!

Kiera says:
My Christmas wish is for every person on this planet to have a Happy Christmas… this year and every year. Imagine knowing that everyone is having an amazing time right along with you! If it's for something personal, though, it would be to meet my idols… but that sounds so selfish compared to my first wish!

Georgina says:
I wish that all homeless people and families would have somewhere safe and warm to stay this Christmas, and that they would enjoy a nice meal and get presents and feel at home. And for me… I'd wish for an English bulldog puppy!

Grace J says:
My wish would just be to spend some happy time with my friends and family; and curl up on Christmas Day to watch Doctor Who with my boyfriend!

Caitlin says:
A white Christmas! We don't get enough snow here in the UK!

Deborah says:
My neighbour's toddler has just fractured her leg in a fall and now needs an operation… I really hope that it all goes smoothly and that she is back to her usual lively self in time for Christmas!

Isabelle says:
I'd wish for world peace… and to get a place in the basketball team!

Chloe says:
I wish that people would treat my brothers and sisters like everyone else in society, and be more understanding of their aspergers.
Helen says:
I wish for a self-cleaning bedroom!

Kaila says:
I am really looking forward to the new year when I will be getting a hip replacement operation that should change my life.

Laura says:
No discrimination and world peace… or, failing that, books!

Cathy says:
Aww… some fabulous wishes here. I hope at least some of your Christmas wishes come true… fingers crossed! COMMENT BELOW to share YOUR Christmas wishes!


  1. I would love a dryer that will also iron and fold the clothes(I know a proper genie wish) but surely some clever boffin could invent it
    Failing that the self cleaning room sounds good too 😂

  2. I would love everybody to be happy and grateful for what we have



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