Thursday 18 December 2014


I wanted to hear about YOUR best ever Christmas... this is what you said!

Charlotte says:
Christmas 2004 was my best Christmas ever. I was four years old, and a month earlier, my new baby sister had been born. My Granny and I both really wanted her to be called Chloe, but my parents decided to name her Amelia. At first I was really upset that nobody had listened to me - I was only four, remember! People kept visiting in the evenings and at weekends to see the new baby but they didn't pay any attention to me; I felt so jealous of Amelia. Then, on Christmas morning, I got a baby doll with a card saying 'My name is Chloe'. I instantly fell in love with her and took her to church with me that day. Everybody made a fuss over me and MY baby, and suddenly I felt more included. I became my best Christmas ever, as I had TWO cute babies. One stayed cute and baby-like, but the other grew up into a stroppy little sister… ;o)

Rebecca says:
I love Christmas so much that I don't think I could choose a certain year I liked the most! There is a photo from when I was four and my sister Lauren was three, and Mum was at home back then and we did so many Christmas crafts and painted loads of cards. It was messy but so much fun! We made biscuits, paper chains, cakes, gingerbread houses… actually, we still make a gingerbread house every year! I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, probably because I am getting a bit older and I want to make the most of it while I still can!

Grace says: 
My best ever Christmas was years ago when me and my siblings were little. I don't really remember what we got or who got us what, but the floor was covered in wrapping paper and my dad filmed it all on the camcorder. I was more excited to be playing in the sea of wrapping paper and scrunching pieces of it up into little balls to throw at my brother! Watching that piece of film now is the most amazing thing ever; it captures the joy and innocence of it all. I have always loved Christmas and especially when I was little, way back when I still believed in Santa and his flying reindeer. It has always seemed like the most magical time of the year!

Kiera says:
The best Christmas ever was almost two years ago when I got my first ever concert tickets, to go and see One Direction in March (at Easter). I was ever so slightly over-excited! The actual concert was the best thing ever… I had an amazing time. Ever since, I have wanted to go back to that moment - the moment they came on stage - so I could re-live those few hours. My friends were all really happy for me, too! It's almost two years since that special Christmas, and I will never forget it!

Ellie says:
Well, I'm not sure it was my BEST exactly but the most memorable Christmas I can think of was the year we were all sitting around the table eating Christmas dinner and my dad - or possibly my brother - jumped up to get something and knocked over the Christmas tree. The whole thing came tumbling down… right in the middle of our dinner. Oops! I do love Christmas… it doesn't have to be like on the movies, but the little things like hot chocolate and sledging and getting sent home early from school because of the snow… they're what make it special. We don't have turkey, we have a chicken roast and a nut roast, which I am sure Coco would appreciate!

Cathy says:
Naaaw… so cute! Can you remember YOUR best Christmas ever? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. santa is real! how else would my parents have afforded all the stuff I got at 6 and 7? and some people don't show their parents their lists, throw them in the fire and still get presents! beat that!

    1. we all know that santa is not real! Hamdi:)xxx

    2. Hamdi!!!Of COURSE he's real! ;o) xxx

    3. Ooopsie! Of course he is real, silly typo!;)! Hamdi:)xxx

  2. THANK you, cathy.

    1. I think we should all believe what we want and appreciate others opinions.
      DID YOU KNOW.....
      Santa clause was originally called Saint Nicholas and then was called Santa clause because if you think about it Saint Nicholas sounds a bit like S A N T A C L A U S E
      Only if you say it slowly and sound out each syllable.
      Merry Christmas from Arabella

  3. thats a very good point. thanks arabella and merry christmas to all!

  4. My best christmas was 2003. My brother was born on xmas day!

  5. my best christmas was in my later years, this christmas! I saw santa and that made it the best christmas ever! all these years sticking to my faith in him really paid off, right?



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