Friday 26 December 2014


We asked you about your fab tree fairies and angels… here are just a few of the coolest!

Janice says:
This old lady has been in our family for no less than sixty-seven years, and she still tops my tree every Christmas! She's made of a kind of plastic with moulded hair and fabulous wings and wand. She is very special to us… it just wouldn't be Christmas without her!

Cathy says:
Wow… as a vintage fan, I am totally in awe of this fab angel… she's gorgeous!
Michelle says:
This fairy has been in my family since I was little - I was probably around eight or nine years old when we got her, which must make her about twenty-six now!I think my mum got her from Romford market. She's now been passed on to me and I still think she's the prettiest Christmas fairy I've ever seen…

Cathy says:
Love this fairy, Michelle! She's so elegant! Have you book fans read Michelle's THIRTEEN TREASURES series of books? They're awesome!

Laura says: 
This is our tree angel. She has golden hair - the lights you can see are the fairy lights on the tree. She has a bit of a homemade look about her but I think she actually came from a shop. My mum got her before I was born, so she's the only angel I remember us ever having…

Cathy says:
She's great… colourful and cute and friendly looking! I love her handcrafted look and the red gingham and ric-rac trim on her bright dress is a great change from the usual all-in-white Christmas angel!

Martha says:
Up until two years ago my family lived in a country called Burundi, which is just underneath Rwanda in Africa. When we left, a work colleague of my mum's gave us this beautiful Christmas angel as a leaving present, along with other beautiful African clothes and gifts. She's a very special tree angel!

Cathy says:
She's amazing… I love the traditional African print on her dress and her beautiful fabric wings! What a wonderful souvenir of your time in Burundi!

Isabelle says:
This tree angel has been in my family for as long as I can remember. When I was very small, I always hugged her. On Christmas Eve I always wanted to play with her and keep her with me while I slept, but of course my mom always said no because she was so special and fragile. So mom told me that when Santa came she'd keep a look out and make sure he brought all the right things for me!

Cathy says: 
A brilliant story… and a really beautiful angel! Awww!

Does your Christmas tree angel/ fairy have a special story attached? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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