Sunday 7 December 2014


I loved reader Millie's artwork so much we decided to build a feature around these fab illustrations… all on the theme of daring to be different! Millie has the first word… it seemed only right!

Millie says:
All the way through my life I've been bullied, picked on, left out and excluded, all because I am different. I don't know exactly why I am, I'm just aware that that's the case. Initially, it upset me. I used to try and buy the fashionable clothes, get the fashionable haircut, lose interest in the not-so-fashionable music I always liked, but nothing really changed. After almost fourteen years of feeling like it was bad to be unique, I realised bit by bit that I was proud of who I am and had no desire for change. My group of friends is as varied as you can get and though we're still picked on for being different, we no longer care; we have each other for reassurance. When friends aren't there, we just keep telling ourselves that we are made different and there's no point trying to hide it. Flaunt your differences, right? We spend our lives worrying about what others may think, but we really need to think about how to be our own person. It is difficult to love yourself in today's society, but once you learn how, life is suddenly a million times better...

Robyn says:
I personally think that standing out from the crowd is a good thing; you should never pretend to be someone you are not, and should always feel comfortable in your own skin. Dressing in your own style is a great way to express yourself as an individual. If you're true to yourself it helps you to find friends who like and accept you for who you are and not for just following trends and blending in with the crowd…

Gemma says:
I'd love to be able to say truthfully that I follow my own style, but sadly I follow the crowd. Despite this, I strongly believe that people should be individual and follow their unique style.

Amber says:
It's good to stand out. If you dress like everyone else, it's possible you will change your personality and act like everyone else, too. Never change for anyone. There's a quote I like… 'be yourself, everyone else is already taken!'

Iris says: 
I think people should dress whatever way they want to. I am starting to experiment with vintage. I don't really stand out too much but there is a girl in my year who is very goth; she has dyed her hair three different colours that I know of. People do make comments sometimes and my friends think she is making herself look ugly, but I have a lot of respect for her because she does what SHE wants and takes no notice of what others think. She is true to herself, and although I don't know her to talk to she has definitely inspired me to be less of a sheep and to dress the way I want to.

Cathy says:
I don't just love Millie's artwork, I love the awesome ideas and opinions expressed in this feature. Do YOU have the confidence to follow your own star and be the true you? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Wow! Those drawings are so cool!

    I understand exactly what you have been through, Millie - kids can be mean. They see one person who stands out, doesn't have an entourage and BAM they single them out, harass them, and don't let up.

    I realised (after 9 years of formal schooling) that no matter how much I changed for them, they were going to be upset so I should do what I want and at least they would be the only unhappy ones.

    I do what I want, when I want. But I always think its kind of funny where I read about girls and guys who go crazy with their appearance get into trouble - the more sensible-dressing girls cop all the rubbish (generally speaking).

    This is an essay, basically, so sorry - I just really connect with this idea!

    Stacey Macey, over-and-out

  2. I think the artwork is awesome!! I haven't been bullied about it but I always felt I needed to be like everyone else to fit in! now I know that I just need to be myself, then I find out who my real friends are, who likes me for being me!!
    " be yourself, who else is better qualified"

  3. I really want to know how to draw like that, cos that is my style of drawing!

    Miri E

  4. Who even made up the definition of 'normal', why should others tease others for not being'normal' when no human knows the actual definition of 'normal' ?! Hamdi:)xxx



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