Sunday 14 December 2014


We asked you for your best and worst Christmas prezzies… and this is what you told us!

Hazel says:
Ooh, hard… well, my best present is probably the books I've gotten over the years, and the tablet I got last year. My worst Christmas present? Undoubtedly the 'Learn How To Ballroom Dance' CD we got a few years ago. No offence to any ballroom dancers, but my brother and I do not want todo that, even if we DO like watching Strictly Come Dancing!

Emma says:
My favourite presents… well, this year I'm getting a laptop and I am super excited! My parents finally decided I needed one for my upcoming GCSEs and are getting it for me for Christmas. Past great presents… well probably just the little things, toys when I was younger, books as I got older and now iTunes vouchers! My worst present? Well, one year my nan got me fudge, which was really sweet of her as I love it… but she got me peanut butter flavour, and I hate nuts. She also got me chocolate fudge and it was all spongy and strange. Not good!

Deborah says:
My best is actually a present I didn't think much of at first. It was a Playstation 3 game called Dance On Broadway and after a while I grew to really love it.  Now, dance games are top of my list of fave things to play. I think the only presents I can classify as the worst are the ones involving bath salts and creams, but that's not because I don't like them, it's because they're the products that tend to make my eczema flare up more.

Blue says:
Hmm, my sisters presents tend not to be good. She gets me moisturisers and bath stuff, forgetting I have tons already. I have had plenty of good gifts… phones… my MP3 (I still use it even though the screen is scratched and cracked). My Salvador Dali 'melting' clock. A little build your own motorcycle model kit. Piercings. A book on how to draw monsters. And it may seem small and insignificant but Toby
bought me a bottle of Hello Kitty perfume once and it smells just like cherries, which is awesome. My Pusheen hoodie arrived today - I was supposed to give it to mum to put away for Christmas but I made the mistake of opening it to admire it, and I'm too attached now…

Saffie says:
I think my best and worst thing are actually the same. My worst thing is not the average 'worst prezzie' - it's not a hand-knitted jumper two sizes too small that your gran knitted you five years ago and then forgot about; no, for me, it's my phone. Don't get me wrong, I love it more than anything and if I had to choose between a life and my phone, I'd pick the phone. But that's the problem! I am so, so anti-social! I am never off it. But I am also so grateful for this phone… and that makes it my best present ever, too!

Hannah says:
I once got an electric metronome from my nanna when I was eight. It started ticking before I opened it and I genuinely thought it was some kind of bomb!

Laura says:
My worst present was coat hangers. Nice coat hangers, but still… coat hangers. My best presents have always been books…

Grace says:
Best present I ever got was a new purple journal. Worst present? A Justin Bieber CD and calendar.

Martha says:
My worst present was socks… my best was a pony to loan.

Harley says:
When I was ten, I wanted to learn guitar. Santa left me an acoustic guitar… five years ago, when I was thirteen, I finally learned to play it!

Cathy says:
My best Christmas prezzie was a small toy pony, about the size of my hand, when I was eight or nine; that or the Jackie annuals I collected as a teenager. The worst? An orange padded nylon jacket my dad bought from a garage, convinced I'd love it, when I was fifteen. Er… no. COMMENT BELOW to tell us your best and worst Christmas prezzies...

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