Thursday 25 December 2014


Boxing Day Blues? Our Christmas quiz will test your knowledge of CC books... well, the festive bits, anyway! What will your score be?

1. Who or what is 'Humbug' in the book MARSHMALLOW SKYE?
2. Who was the original owner of the vintage gramophone Skye gets for Christmas in MARSHMALLOW SKYE?
3. Which boy does Honey bump into unexpectedly on the beach on Christmas Day in the book SWEET HONEY?
4. In the book LUCKY STAR, what does Mouse paint onto the snow outside Cat's house?
5. Which Chocolate Box Girl will not be eating turkey this Christmas? Why?
6. In the e-book SNOWFLAKES & WISHES, what happens at the New Year's party to frighten Sheba, Lawrie's dog?
7. In the book SUNDAE GIRL, which old film do the family watch every Christmas Day?
8. What happens to Anya's boots when she leaves them on the doorstep for St Nicholas on December 5th in the book ANGEL CAKE?
9. In the book SUNDAE GIRL, why do Jude and her family eat beans on toast for Christmas dinner?
10. In the book ANGEL CAKE, who kisses Dan under the mistletoe at the school's Christmas Dance?
11. What is the theme of Jude's dad's New Years Eve party in SUNDAE GIRL?
12. Why do Anya's family always set an extra place at the dinner table on Christmas Eve in the book ANGEL CAKE?
13. What does Scarlett find on her doorstep one afternoon in December in the book of the same name?
Which two characters make snow angels in the book ANGEL CAKE?
14. What is the name of the band who are booked to play at the Christmas Disco in the book Gingersnaps?
15. Name three of the little Christmas presents Honey's sisters send from Tanglewood to Sydney in the book SWEET HONEY.
16. In the book SWEET HONEY, Honey helps out at the beach cafe where a friend works. What is the name of the friend?
17. Which boy leaves a flower hair clip in Summer's locker at school in the book MARSHMALLOW SKYE?
18. Which sister gets lost in the snow and passes out, unconscious, after a birthday party in MARSHMALLOW SKYE?

Cathy says:
Not an easy quiz! Add up your scores and see how well you know your CC books… anyone got 18/18? COMMENT BELOW to tell us which answers you couldn't get...


  1. 17 right! i haven't read snowflakes and wishes yet

  2. 17-Need to read snowflakes and wishes

  3. wow that's hard!! :O :O :O

  4. Where is the answers?��

  5. Hi Cathy, I'm so excited for your next writing contest! When is it going to be updated?

  6. Can someone please correct my answers:
    1. Coco's lamb
    2. ?
    3. Riley
    4. A cat and a mouse
    5. Coco, because she's trying to be a vegetarian/Summer because she's got anorexia.
    6. ?
    7. The wizard of Oz
    8. The boots get stolen
    9. ?
    10. The mean girl (I forget her name)
    11. Elvis Presley
    12. A place at the table for Jesus
    13. ?
    14. My secret boyfriend
    15. Chocolate lip gloss, snow globe, fortune telling fish
    16. Ash
    17. Alfie
    18. Summer

  7. I just read Marshmallow Skye so I know them :D But I am just starting Sweet Honey but I think it's changed name and now is called Bitter Sweet. I'm starting your books and I love them :D

    1. Anon, Sweet Honey has not changed name… Bitter Sweet is a short book written from Shay's point of view. It's different. It will be published in October along with several other short stories linked to the Chocolate Box series - the book's overall title will be Life Is Sweet. xxx



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