Friday 5 December 2014


Reader Imogen's best Christmas present ever was the unlikely gift of a set of knitting needles from her gran. She tells us why…

Imogen says:
My granny bought me some knitting needles for Christmas a few years ago. At first I wasn't too impressed, but on Boxing Day she showed me some basic techniques and a few weeks later I got some books out of the library and taught myself more stitches and tried some basic patterns. To start with, i found it hard to knit patterns - understanding the abbreviations wasn't easy. The first few things I made were pretty lumpy and misshapen! About two years ago I began to figure out how to use a pattern properly and I really started to enjoy it then.

One of the stitches I was most proud of mastering was the purl stitch… it's actually a really basic stitch but for some reason it took me weeks to get it right! Last year at Christmas I made some mini stockings ad decorations, and although they were small they were very complicated so I felt very proud when I was able to hang them up on the Christmas tree! This year I am going to make more - I am planning on hanging them across the fireplace in a garland.

I decided to teach myself to crochet a year ago because I wanted a new challenge. I taught myself from YouTube videos and books! I found it harder to understand than knitting at first, but it is also a lot harder to make mistakes in crochet and it's a lot more portable! Lots of my friends knit, but I only know a couple of people who crochet. I think people assume crochet is a lot harder than knitting, but in many ways it's easier! Knitting and crochet are having a bit of a revival just now, and I think that's because people are sharing everything they do online now - lots of people are blogging about knitting and making it cool. I also think the things people knit have changed - people are making more stylish and cool things rather than the big baggy jumpers most people associate with hand knitting!

I think people value hand made things more now because a lot of love, care and passion has gone into making them. I think people enjoy making the items because these days nearly everything is electronic or plastic or machine made… it's nice to have something that is hand crafted and real. If anyone reading this is interested in learning to knit or crochet, see if there's anyone in your family who can help teach you… or find out if your school has a craft club where you could learn. YouTube has lots of helpful videos on knitting and crochet and lots of people find watching a demonstration of knitting easier than reading instructions from a book. When you first start out, your work may look a bit lumpy and holey, but don't worry… you just have to keep practicing!

As for that strange Christmas present… well, that Christmas my granny didn't just give me knitting needles, but a love of crafting as well!

Cathy says:
I LOVE this post! I'm a keen crafter too… are YOU? What do you like to make? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more - maybe YOU'd like to write about your hobby for DREAMCATCHER?


  1. I'd love to write about my music for dreamcatcher. I play piano and guitar and write songs as well. I'd love to be a songwriter when I'm older or a piano teacher when I settle down and have children.

    1. please message me on FB fanpage or email via the link on Caitlin… this sounds fab! xxx



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