Friday 19 December 2014


Christmas tree looking a little bare? A little soulless? You still have time to add some Christmas magic with this cute heirloom angel…

Cathy says:
Ten or fifteen years ago, before my books really took off, I loved Christmas because it meant craft fairs and making stuff. Every year, I'd think up new designs for cards and decorations, and one year I made lots of these little tree angels using old fashioned clothes pegs ('dolly' pegs) as a base. We're getting kind of close to Christmas now, so I thought I'd show you how…

You will need a 'dolly' peg to start with… the old fashioned wooden kind with a rounded top and two long 'legs'. Old fashioned hardware shops are a good hunting ground, but art and craft shops sell them too… and of course, they are very cheap online too. While you are ordering - or rooting around that craft shop - buy a hank of raffia, too. What else will you need? As well as your 'dolly' peg and raffia, you need a needle and thread; scissors; fine cotton/muslin fabric, cream or white; white PVA glue; star sprinkles/ sequins; Sharpie pen in black & red; scrap of netting; gold embroidery thread. Now you're ready to go!

* Draw dot eyes and nose onto your peg with Sharpie pen; add red lips and cheeks.
* Cut a rectangle of cotton/muslin fabric 12cm x 6cm. Fray about 1cm at either end of the rectangle.
* Stitch the rectangle neatly into a tube, turn inside out to hide seam.
* Cut 3 lengths of raffia, 16cm long. Tie a knot at each end, approx 2cm in from the ends.
* Poke the raffia through the tube of fabric with raffia peeping out at either end… this will be the arms.
* Cut another rectangle of fabric 16cm x 11cm. Turn a hem at the top and run thread through, gathering the fabric neatly.
* Glue the gathered fabric around the top of the 'dolly' peg's body to make a dress.
* Fray the bottom of the dress and glue on a few gold/silver stars.
* Glue or stitch arms onto the back of the angel.
* Cut a scrap of netting 12cm x 6cm and glue or stitch to back of arms/dress.
* Glue on some lengths of raffia for the hair…
* Then add a 'halo' or headband from gold embroidery thread… and sit her on a branch! Awww!

Do YOU have any Christmas craft makes? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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