Monday 29 December 2014


Another in our occasional series by reader Emma on how to handle life's trickier situations. This time, it's how to deal with heartbreak…

Emma says:
Heartbreak; the age old problem suffered by all since the beginning of time. And nothing compares to that very first heartbreak… that feeling of being trapped in your own misery, when the concept of listening to Taylor Swift and hitting the Ben and Jerry's could not appeal more. However, being the optimist I am, I truly believe that with these tips we can handle heartbreak and come through the other side…

* Allow yourself time to recover. That first heartbreak can be a major blow to your confidence, and it is perfectly normal to need a few days to pick yourself up again.So, for a short time only, it is perfectly OK to whip out the Adele album and really be with yourself and your emotions.

* Keep busy. After allowing yourself time to recover, it's important to pick yourself up as quickly as possible. I know it may take a while before you feel completely recovered, but I find you feel better when you keep yourself occupied. This allows you to slowly get back into your daily routine and get back into things… it also adds a sense of normality in a time of abnormality.

* Accept support from your family and friends. I know you may feel it is easier to block people out at this time; however, I think you will find that by letting your loved ones in, some of your negative and hurt feelings may be minimised. After all, nothing quite compares to the feeling of having a chat with your nearest and dearest.

*Don't give up on love. Like I mentioned in an earlier feature, love is an infinite source. Just because you give some away it doesn't mean that you can't make more when you need to. Also, be proud that you were brave enough to give some away in the first place. I say, never regret giving love as it was your love that made someone else feel loved. I think that's the greatest gift of all.

Until we deal again, 
Emma x

Cathy says:
Lots of good sense here, as always from Emma. Have YOU ever had your heart broken? What happened, and how did you handle it? COMMENT BELOW to tell us your story.

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