Friday 19 August 2016


I asked student Demet, who runs the fab book and nail art Instagram account @books_polished, to share her advice on running a cool Instagram... this is what she said!

Demet says:
I am by no means very good at Instagram compared to some... but generally, I think that whatever makes you happy is fine. What do you want out of your account? Is it just for you and your friends? Is your goal to gain followers? If you want to post twenty pics of your cat each day, then go ahead... I am always in favour of cat pics on the internet! If that is not your goal, though, here are a few tips I picked up over the last two years:

* Have a theme. No matter if it's books or nail art or a specific fandom, people are more likely to subscribe if they know what to expect.

* Picture quality matters. I'm saying this knowing that I fail a lot at it myself, but if you have a camera that takes better pics than your phone, take pics with that and transfer them later.

* Post regularly. People who use Instagram can be very picky when it comes to the amount of times you post. The best advice is to follow other accounts who do similar things and see what they are doing. There is a lot of trial and error in finding out what you can/ can't do. I just can't do more than one design a week, but when you find what works for YOU, be it once a week, a day, or an hour, make yourself stick with this schedule. Many people prepare things in advance so they can post them on schedule with no last minute panics.

* Always include a caption. People want to know what they are seeing and why they are seeing it!

* Hashtags are important ...but nobody wants to read them. You need hashtags to get your work seen by others, but only a few are interested in reading them. I usually post them as my first comment, but others may separate them from the caption by leaving a few blank lines between. Again, keep an eye on other accounts and see how they handle things - you'll find your own way from there!

* Interact with people. Follow other accounts and actively talk with them. Not just 'Hey, check out my Instagram,' but actually commenting on their content if you like it. This will encourage them to do the same with your account. And don't forget to answer the comments that you get! You shouldn't just be there for the numbers, but for the community.

* Last but not least, have fun! You are doing this because you really want to. What would be the point if you didn't enjoy it?

Demet's account is @books_polished, where she posts nail art inspired by the books she has read. Pictures above show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling, The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

Cathy says:
Whoa, an eye opener for me... I use my Insta (@cathycassidy) as a sort of personal photo album. Oops! Must try harder! #EspeciallyWithTheHashtags.  Seriously, Demet's tips are brilliant for anyone trying to get to grips with Insta... do YOU do Instagram? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I do Instagram @thebarefooteddandelion ... But it's more for me than anyone else. I'm not hugely bothered on followers.

  2. I have Instagram (I follow you Cathy ) but I don't post much on it and i don't really use it much, I just follow a few things I like and a few friends and my brother and sister. Those nails are awesome :)

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