Thursday 11 August 2016


Readers tell us about their cool and wonderful sisters... and why they mean so much!

Hollie says:
My sister is amazing. She is three years older than me but might as well be my twin... even though we're nothing alike! She likes art museums and cathedrals and I like M&M World and London! I've been ill for the last three years and she has taken it all in her stride. She treats me like a normal human being - even if that does mean taking the mick out of me occasionally, especially when I lose to her at Mario Kart! She's thoughtful and kind and does her very best to cheer me up when I'm low. She's at uni most of the time but I hear from her every day and FaceTime her often. I LOVE that she's at home at the moment and would give anything to have her around all the time. She's my best friend, my ally in everything, my favourite person ever. And let's not forget my furry 'brother' Boris, in the pic, an angel in my recovery!

Molly says:
I have a little sister of 22 months... I'm ten. She is probably the naughtiest little sister in the world, but when I am sad she has this power that can make me laugh and smile. Even though she is naughty, I will always be there for her and hopefully our bond will get even stronger! I love you, Megan!

Supty says:
I don't need a star or a celebrity to inspire or motivate me... my elder sister Semonty is my lucky star. She is the strongest person I know (mentally) as she embraces her flaws and pays no attention to those who criticise her. She never cries or complains over trivial things such as appearance and that makes her beautiful. She is a straightforward person who never talks behind people's backs and tried to accept the flaws in others. She is outstandingly unique because she doesn't go with the trend or follow others, she creates her own style. Even after being hurt, she never shed a tear for those who weren't worth it. She can control her temper and stay calm through any situation. Her talent outshines her beauty, and she guides me at all times and helps me to overcome my fear and believe in myself. She treats me like I am special and makes me feel adored. We quarrel sometimes, but at the end of the day we cannot live without each other!

Cathy says:
Awww... I always longed for a sister but never had one. These stories have really made me smile! Do YOU have a sister who means the world to you? Or one who drives you nuts? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Haven't got a sister. I do have a brother though, he is great. He's younger than I am. We are very close and I know he will always be my best mate! And a shoulder to lean on when I need it. Very lucky to have a sibling.

  2. I wish I had a sister. Not the one I actually have who made my mid-late teens a living hell by bullying me in my own home where I should have felt safe, badmouthed me to all her casual acquaintances and reduced me to a nervous wreck. I want a sister who's like my brother - funny and clever and way too stubborn! A normal sister who fights with me over clothes and whether I've stolen her food or not and whose turn it is to wash the dishes instead of stalking me, spending hours criticising my intelligence, orientation and style, outing me to the family and eventually disowning us all. I'll miss out the part where she stamped on my face when I was a baby because that might have been an accident. The only good thing about my sister is that she had the good grace to move away and eventually, leave me alone. After a bit more stalking, of course.

  3. I haven't got any siblings, but I have quite a few cousins and we are very close, although some of them live a thousand miles away from me. Some are living 2 hours by train away, and they are like siblings to me. When I was going through a hard time, Anastasija, my 18 year old cousin {who I share a birthday with},was there for me through thick and thin. I have a new baby cousin too and he is three months old and so cute. The most awesome thing about having a baby cousin or sibling is that they are so cute and helpless in a good way. I got to wheel him around for over two hours in his buggy while he slept soundly. I loved every moment, and I have already made a plan to tell him stories about our adventures together, even while he was a baby. We will always get along well and I am aiming to be his favourite cousin. Anastasija is his half-sister. I have a humungous family even though I have no siblings, and I am planning to write a blog about Family trees and the ancient secrets and traditions of each family. Journalism, reading, writing, ballet and singing are my passion. I am also fabulous at art and drawing. I have a very important question for anybody here who knows the answer:How do I post a proper blog post? I am really desperate for an answer, I just have so much to say and talk about! Please check my long comment on how to get through the most common school problem, which is bullying.



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