Saturday 20 August 2016


Shhh... time is creeping up on us, and the end of the holidays draws near. Here's our list of ten things to do before the sunshine packs its bags and heads into hiding again...

1. Paint your face, braid your hair and get together with friends for a DIY back garden sleepover, festival style! Pitch tents, hang bunting and fairy lights and bring guitars, iPods, picnic food and plenty of imagination. You can even come up with a cool name for your mini festival!

2. Take a day trip by bus or train to a place you've always wanted to go... and bring your mum/sister/best friend along for the ride! Be real tourists for the day!

3. Get inspired by the Olympics... choose a sport you'd like to try and give it a go. Gymnastics? Cycling? Hockey? Athletics? Swimming? It's never too late to get fit and have fun in the process!

4. Build your own ice cream sundae. Ingredients may include... ice cream in various flavours; chopped nuts; sugar sprinkles; banana; caramel sauce; strawberries; whipped cream; grated chocolate; chocolate buttons; peach slices; popping candy. Now name your creation... and find a friend to share it with!

5. Make a 'beach' zone in your back yard. Set up a towel/ sunlounger/ deckchair and tell yourself that the concrete is sand and the grass is water. Sip ice cool mocktails and eat watermelon slices and read a summery book as you soak up the sun... (make sure to use plenty of sun cream... it smells nice and beachy and besides, you can burn just as easily in the back yard, y'know!)

6. Watch the sunrise!

7. Change something you've always wanted to change. Your haircut? Your Barbie-pink wallpaper? Your self-esteem? Your style? Your attitude to life? Think about what you could do differently to make your life a whole lot better - and do it!

8. Have your say! Start a blog, a diary, a sketch journal, a you-tube account, a FB page, an Instagram account.... move over, Zoella, this could be the start of something BIG!

9. Do something you haven't done since childhood. Play on the swings at the local park, pick dandelions and daisies to give to your mum, make a card to tell someone you love them, walk barefoot on the lawn, paddle in a brook, make a sandcastle... or just curl up and watch FROZEN. Again!

10. Get organised. Shopping for uniform, stationery, books and backpacks is fun... and makes the whole back-to-school process a lot less painful! What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Fab photo by Cheryl; model, Eden. Thank you both!

Cathy says:
Have YOU done anything extra cool or unusual this school holidays? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. Number 1 sounds like such a fun idea...if only I had a garden, friends and enough hair to braid! Guess I'll stick with playing the bass in my room as my cats throw pointed looks at the high shelf their treats are kept on. After all, they deserve treats for putting up with my attempts at making music without too much yowling!



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