Monday 15 August 2016


We asked readers to tell us about their favourite beaches... perfect holiday reading!

Jayne says:
I think I lost my heart to Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire, the most beautiful county in Wales.

Kym says:
West Wittering and Widemouth Bay in Cornwall are amazing... everyone should go!

Zoe says:
I agree with Kym... Cornwall beaches are just awesome. Beautiful clear water, stunning scenery and landscape!

Anne says:
Weymouth Beach in Dorset has so many memories for me...

Linzi says:
Crosby Beach in Liverpool is amazing. The famous sculpture of the 'Iron Men' is there, dozens of iron sculptures standing in the sand and some of them out at sea, people come from all over to see them. It's a place we go quite a lot to walk the dogs and blow the cobwebs away, and even on sunny days it never feels too crammed or busy, there's miles of beach so there's room for everyone. You can see the docks in the distance but that does not detract from the beauty of it, it's a perfect city beach! Crosby Beach is beautiful, though at times it can be more mud than sand!

Zaila says:
Mud is not my thing! I love the sandy beaches in Llandudno in Wales... they're so pretty and it's such a seasidey town with all the fun stuff a beach place should have. I stayed there for five days last summer and it was so sunny!

Sophie says:
North Berwick beach - well, beaches, because there's more than one - are gorgeous, even in the winter. I live very near to them so I get to go over quite often. You can see four islands from them, which I think is pretty awesome!

Gemma says:
We go to the beach at Blackpool most years. It is not just the beach itself but the whole Blackpool experience... ice cream, fun fair, sticks of rock, people having fun. Blackpool will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Mhairi says:
We live near Glasgow but every summer we head for the highlands and islands. The west coast of Scotland is one of the most stunning, unspoilt places in the world. We like to camp, and we like to explore wild places. The most amazing beaches we've found are on the isles of Iona and Skye, where the water is turquoise and crystal clear, and if you are lucky with the weather there really is no better place on earth!

Carrie says:
Ayr beach is a five minute walk from my house, and in the winter it's quiet and windswept and in the summer sandy, pretty and filled with families but never too busy. You can get ice cream or chips or buy rock or do crazy golf nearby, and you can see Ailsa Craig island and Arran from the beach too. In the holidays, when it's sunny, my friends and I hang out there and swim in the sea... I can't imagine living anywhere else!

Pics of gorgeous Channel Island beaches and model Eden by Cheryl - thank you both so much!

Cathy says:
Linzi, I know Crosby Beach well... I've been going there since I was a toddler! The 'Iron Men' are indeed amazing! Mhairi, agree about Iona and Skye - and Carrie, I love Ayr beach, I even put it in my first book, DIZZY! What's YOUR fave beach? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. Live in Australia, right next to the beach. Its just about a 5 min walk away. The beaches are beautiful everyday. In the really hot days in summer, the water will have days when it becomes crystal clear. Closer to town, there are tiny coves and all the surfers go there! In these coves, there are rock pools which have heaps of crabs and shells. The sand everywhere is completely sand. Its a bit white as well. Its a very beautiful part of the world, love it!



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