Monday 8 August 2016


Older readers share their favourite Cathy Cassidy books... and tell why they mean so much!

Scarlett says:
I read all of Cathy Cassidy's books when I was in my first few years of secondary schools - the books inspired me and made me feel so much better about who I was. My favourite was and still is SCARLETT - I think it will stick with me forever. I felt like that lost and angry main character WAS me, back then. Although I am older now and have my own daughter I still love re-reading the books, and I'll read them to my daughter once she's old enough, too. These books were my inspiration and comfort when nobody in my life could get through to me. They helped me through the difficult times of growing up and sitting alone at school. I'd still love to meet Cathy Cassidy - maybe I'll look out for one of her book signings one day!

Dalia says:
The first time I read one of Cathy's books was in 2008 when I was given DIZZY as a present on my twelfth birthday... so yes, I am twenty now. The book inspired me to love the English language (which is not my first language) and also to learn how to write. I'll admit I had a hard time reading English books back then, but DIZZY changed my whole perspective on reading and writing. I've never stopped writing ever since! I hoped to major in English Literature in university, but my parents wished me to follow a career in the biological sciences. My dream is to be an accomplished, published author, but for now that dream will have to wait. Every now and then, when I hit a writer's block, I glance over at my bookshelf and see the bright pink cover of the book DIZZY, with its worn and yellowed pages, and I remember how inspired I felt when I read it for the very first time.

Kiki says:
GINGERSNAPS is a book that means so much to me... I was just going into Year Eight when I read the book, just like Ginger. I'm seventeen now, and it's weird to think that if we were the same age, she could drive now! I have honestly never related to a book as much as this one. The story of a girl battling her own self-esteem to find the friends she deserves is the story of every insecure preteen girl I know. I can remember feeling just like Ginger, thinking that looking pretty and having a social status meant everything. I have never read something that depicts bullying, friendship drama and first crushes so accurately. The battle to choose between what makes you a good person or what makes you look good. I relate to Ginger so much... the puppy fat, an old friend coming back into your life, I even have my own Sam... sweet, musical, curly hair. This book is a must-have for all teen girls - it's like a warm, reassuring hug. This book is about much more than love and friendship, it's about accepting who you are and learning that liking yourself is just as important as having others like you. Take it from someone who's been there!

Cathy says:
So much loveliness in one short blog... thank you so much, Scarlett, Dalia and Kiki. Your words mean the world to me. Do YOU have a book that shaped your teen years? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I think I might be an older reader too but not THAT old!! I'm over 12! Gingersnaps helped me when I was younger too, it helped me know to be myself and Judy Blume books helped me too. Those books that helped are always special and go back to them.

  2. Gingersnaps was a book that helped me begin to understand myself as I grew. Such a great book. All the books, in some way, also inspired me to write. I will be writing and I will think of the books and I will keep on writing because the worlds of these beautiful books have kept me going. Hope to read more.

  3. I haven't read Gingersnaps but I have read the extract on the book section of the website and am very keen to read more. I am going to ask the librarian at my local library to check if they have a copy or order one in. All these awesome reviews show that I really need to get to the library! I don't think I will be able to get my nose out of that book. I think it will be as special as the Chocolate Box Girls to me, because they shaped my personality into something even bigger and better. I can't imagine life without Cathy Cassidy books!!!!!


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