Thursday 25 August 2016


Say hello to new DREAMCATCHER columnist Arianna... she'll be blogging about all kinds of things over the coming months and giving us a Stateside viewpoint!

Arianna says:
You may not know me... in fact, I am 100% sure you don't! My name is Arianna, I am fourteen years old and my friends call me Anna so I guess you can too! I picked up my first CC book, DRIFTWOOD, just after my ninth birthday, when my dad was stationed in England. I was completely immersed in the story, hardly able to put the book down. Next I discovered SUNDAE GIRL, INDIGO BLUE, GINGERSNAPS, ANGEL CAKE, SCARLETT, THE CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series and much more. CC books opened my eyes to the fact that someone would always be prettier or smarter or have more/less problems than I do... but that it doesn't matter, as being myself is what really counts. And luckily, I love being me!

I mentioned my dad being stationed in England... well, I've spent about half my life in Europe and the other half in my native USA, so there have been quite a few times when I've felt uprooted! I currently live in Virginia, USA, and will stay here until I graduate from school in two and a bit years. I love creative writing, reading, photography and fashion, and I wanted to write a column because I love writing and because I know a thing or two about the stuff we go through growing up! You name it, crushes, first day of school, dances, best friends, frenemies, arch enemies, family, moving... well, I've been there! If there is anything particular you'd me to write about, just let me know... I'm hoping Cathy will let me write a regular column!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello... I'll be back soon with my first proper post! See you then!

Cathy says:
Let me know what YOU would like Arianna to write about... I know I'd love to hear more about life in the USA, for starters! COMMENT BELOW to pitch in your ideas and say hello to Arianna!


  1. Dear Arianna,
    I think that it would be cool if you could tell us a bit more about your life in the states. You know, about your first boyfriend, current boyfriend, friend dilemmas... It would be quite interesting for people to hear true stories all the way from another continent! Then you could reply back to all the comments, asking them to send you their problems so you could solve them. Some sort of teen agony aunt, I guess!
    Emma, 13

    1. Some good ideas, Emma, but think we'd rather stick with the regular wednesday agony aunt slot as it is, with questions answered by the Tanberry-Costello sisters... a lot of readers send in q's for the sister they want a reply from. Don't want to disappoint our regular blog followers! xxx

    2. Emma,
      I'd love to tell you more about my problematic life, full of boys, friends, and enemies. If you have a particular topic that relates to you, I'm sure I could write about it! Thank you for your feedback!

  2. I would love to have a piece based on struggles with liking people. Because my crush likes my best friend. What do I do?!

  3. Hey Ballerina Belle!
    I'll get on that piece as soon a I can! For now don't panic... Your situation is common, but blaming your best friend is not the answer. And your crush can't help who he likes, crushes take on a life of their own. Stay calm at the moment and see what happens.
    Thanks for your feedback!

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  5. omg i love this post. how do you become a columnist? is there some kind of pick out of a hat thing



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