Tuesday 16 August 2016


More of your brilliant reviews for my new book BROKEN HEART CLUB... word is you are liking it lots! Phew!
Lynsy says:
I really enjoyed BROKEN HEART CLUB. I live in Singapore and after reading this book, I felt very moved, very grateful to have my loved ones and my friends... the story has twists and turns that made me vow not to take my friends for granted, to treasure them more. I loved how the book changed between the thoughts of Ryan and Eden. There are so many things I liked about this book and one is that it does not just focus on romance (although there is some!) but also on friendship. BROKEN HEART CLUB has left a deep impression on me... a good one! I cannot wait for the next book... I hope it is just as splendid, wonderful, marvellous and excellent as this, and just as moving!

Ceri says:
BROKEN HEART CLUB is an amazing story of friendship and love... near the end, I was almost in tears! There are many reasons why I loved it... 1: The different points of view... I loved seeing different perspectives on the story! 2: The twists, the turns, the secrets! There's a big plot twist, and I really didn't see it coming! 3: The glimpses of the past... I loved reading about how the friends met and how they became the Heart Club. 4: The characters... they were all strong and believable. I loved reading about how they changed and then changed again as the story progressed, 5: The opening... I love prologues, and this was the best one I've ever read. All of these reasons add up to this being my new favourite book. My favourite part of the book was the party - the dancing, the fight, the park, the kiss... aww. I also liked the picnic, the yellow paint scene and Andie's letter. What can I say? I love this book! It's fabulous, incredible, fantastic, awesome, amazing... the list goes on!

Clare says:
I think the new book BROKEN HEART CLUB is amazing. I'd been helping my dad with the decorating so he went out and bought it for me, and I read the whole thing in three hours because I just couldn't put it down. I loved it SO much and yes, I did need tissues towards the end... it was so emotional. I started reading it to my dad and the two of us couldn't stop talking about it... we have decided it's not just a book but a trick of the mind because it does mess with your head a little bit and what you think is happening turns out to be quite different. Needless to say I am telling all my friends and some of them have started reading the book as well... I really recommend it. Great for all ages and it will definitely keep you guessing!

Cathy says:
Thank you Lynsy, Ceri and Clare for the fab reviews! Have YOU read BROKEN HEART CLUB yet? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Want to read... I don't know when that will be, but I can tell reading it will be awesome! Want to read!

  2. I am going to post my review after this quick question: how do I do a proper blog post on the main part of the website like Lynsy, Ceri and Clare? I have so much to say but i have never found a way to tell all those things except on the comments panel.
    Thanks Cathy! XXXXX

  3. Broken Heart Club is so exciting! It's true, the twist at the end almost shocked me out of my senses and made me very close to blubbering all over the book, but I held back and only let my eyes water like overfilled buckets of water. The moment I saw the title on the shelf of new releases at my local library, I knew I needed to borrow it as I have heard so many brilliant reviews about it. I also read about it in one of the many magazines I collect- Girl Talk! It is a fabulous magazine that you can buy at all good stores! It allows you to take a break from a world full of irritating and highly annoying boys and go to a world where girls can take power. Broken heart club got so popular that it hit so many bookshelves in so many different stores! I couldn't go to the signings unfortunately, but when your next book comes out I will try my best to go to one. I have a very long list of 5 things I loved about the book.

    1. The cover art was so beautiful; the moment I saw the beautiful paper cranes, I could sense that Cathy blended in history of Japan too.Iv'e read the heart-breaking story in Cathy's Fun Stuff section!

    2.I, just like every other fan who commented, loved the fact that it switched views, even though at the beginning I got a little muddled. I love the way Cathy writes stories such as the irrisistably delicious Chocolate Box Girls series. All the events in each book happen at the same time. They are the same events happening at the same time, but each character has a different view about the situation, as Coco brings Animal Welfare into every situation, Honey goes off the rails, misbehaving like mad, Summer blends dance and ballet into the story beautifully, Skye adds a touch of mystery, love, romance and history in, which I loved so much, Cherry shows how hard it can be to fit in with a new family, but how important it is to always be hopeful, and Jake, from the latest Chocolate Box Girls book, which I borrowed from my library as usual, blended another family into the already huge Tanberry-Costello clan. It's the same basic principal in Broken Heart Club, but only between Eden and Ryan, which is less complicated.

    3. The awesome idea for the Heart Club! It was so clever to choose names that made the word "heart". It's such a cute name for a group of friends, and the way it got so broken up. At first sight of the book, I thought that Broken Heart Club was for a group of people whose hearts have been broken, but it actually meant a heart club drifting apart. That's a good way to attract reader's attention!

    4.The friendship and romance. I hate it when books have way too much disgusting romance, but this book was perfectly proportioned for children and older kids/teenagers. It taught us all not to take our friends and family for granted!

    5.THE HUGE UNEXPECTED TWIST AT THE END! Who would have expected tragedy as well?? I couldn't believe my eyes when I found out Andie had died in a car accident! ITS SO SAD THAT EDEN HALLUCINATED!




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