Monday 22 August 2016


We asked you to share your fave birthday cake makes... the results are just gorgeous!

Kathy-Anne says:
I made this cake for my daughter's fourth birthday... she is a princess-mad little girl! I made the cake by baking three separate thick vanilla sponges and sandwiching them together with buttercream and jam. I then stacked them up and cut into them, carving out a skirt shape, and using the offcuts to help create the waist. I cut a hole through the middle of the cake to sit the dolly in and then I rolled out royal icing into one big circle. This was laid over the cake skirt and arranged in folds with piped on pink icing to decorate. She loved it!

Laura says:
This is a millionaire's shortbread cake I made for my mum's birthday recently! I got the recipe from a Mary Berry cookbook (one my family have had forever, just about!). Normally you cut the cake up into little pieces, traybake style, so that it's easier to eat, but as this was going to be a birthday cake I made it in a round tin and kept it in one piece. The hardest part was making the caramel, as it burns easily, but you can cheat and buy tinned caramel which also works really well. My mum loves millionaire's shortbread, so the cake was a big success!

Holly says:
This cake was the one my mum made for my fourteenth birthday party... it caused quite a stir! Mum made two madeira cakes and covered them both in royal icing with a thick layer of orange jam to stick the icing to the cake. The hearts and butterflies were made from edible sugar paper and the feathers were stuck into a cone using icing as a kind of glue! The cone was then pushed into the top of the cake so the feathers sat on top, and the whole effect was quite amazing. I loved the black and red colour scheme too! The cake itself tasted incredible - all my friends and family loved it and for me it was the best birthday cake ever, heavenly in both looks and taste!

Cathy says:
These look gorgeous! The doll cake is every little girl's dream... and the feather cake looks amazing, so glam and professional! I think my fave might be the millionaire's shortbread cake, though... sheer wickedness in cake form! What would YOUR ideal birthday cake be like? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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