Saturday 17 December 2016


Which CC book would be your favourite Christmas read? Readers root out the Christmassy scenes from their fave CC books and tell us what they think...

Carly says:
ANGEL CAKE is the book that sums up Christmas for me. All of the plot just leads up to a peak at Christmas... the school party, Dan's meltdown, Anya's family facing the facts that they may have to return to Poland. And then the kindness they meet - that is what Christmas is all about and it is why this book is my very favourite festive read. I read it when I was eleven and I am seventeen now, but I will never grow out of the magic!

Maeve says:
I think that for me, MARSHMALLOW SKYE is the most Christmassy CC book because it has a few chapters telling us all about Christmas at Tanglewood, and you totally feel like you are there in that magic world with the sisters. I love the details... how the sisters throw their Christmas lists into the fire, the family party, how they hang up stockings, the food they make, how Coco gets a baby lamb... and the awkward call to their dad in Australia, too. It's my favourite book for all kinds of reasons, but I read it over and over at Christmas, just to get a little taste of that Tanglewood Christmas again.

Fatima says:
I love the book SWEET HONEY because Honey has her Christmas on the beach in Australia and it is so different from all the ideas we have of Christmas in the UK, with snow, dark nights, pine trees and people in silly Christmas jumpers. My family don't celebrate Christmas so it is quite sweet and exciting to me anyway, and I loved that Honey's story made it so different to all my preconceptions about what Christmas should be. Plus Honey meets the cool boy on the beach and it's such a shocking and chilling moment when she realises he is not the person who has been texting her.

Sarra says:
It's not actually a Christmas story but the bit in LUCKY STAR where Mouse writes in the snow outside Cat's house... that's the most romantic and beautiful bit in any CC book to me!

Paula says:
I love the wintry bits in SUNDAE GIRL, especially the bit where Carter and Jude are trying to catch snowflakes and the class go carolling in town in the snow. And you think it's going to be all romantic and suddenly it isn't! (No spoilers, promise!) And then when Carter turns up to the New Years party, that is just awesome. We all need a guy like Carter in our lives!

Jenny says:
CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS has saved my life for the second year running - the projects and ideas for December are amazing and so cool. This book is great if you a/ love the Chocolate Box Girls as there is lots of extra content on the sisters and b/perfect if you are arty, crafty and creative. If I am ever bored, this book comes off the shelf and the boredom is sorted!

Top photo by book blogger Kym, with thanks; bottom two pics by CC.

Cathy says:
I love this blog - you can tell I love Christmas from the way it has sneaked its way into so many of my books! Which is YOUR fave CC story for Christmas? Which book would make it onto your Christmas list? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. The chocolate nix girls is my favourite series ever even though I'm 14. Please write more in that series or another book about dance like summers dream

  2. Sundae girl... close to my heart and a good book to read on a cold day. I love every bit of the story.

  3. It's not exactly Christmas but I love the snowball fight scene in Driftwood. Before Kit gets mad at Paul, when they're all friends and they fight for fun and not to hurt anyone. Then they go inside for hot chocolate. It reminds me of when I was 5 or 6 and school was closed because of the snow. Mum took us out (only to Moffat, not Dumfries like in Driftwood - I don't even think the buses were running, the snow was that deep) and we played in the snow in Station Park. Then we went home and Mum sat us in front of the fire and made us each a mug of hot chocolate and some buttered toast to warm us up. One of the few good memories I have. The scene in Driftwood is similar. And the fact it was written in at least the same region I lived in makes me feel all nostalgic.



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