Thursday 15 December 2016


Reader Agnia has some great advice on getting the prezzies as perfect as they can be this Christmas!

Agnia says:
Every year we stress about getting the right prezzie for the right person… and end up leaving it all too late, so that we end up making last minute purchases that aren't quite right. The key is to be prepared… be organised… and plan those presents in advance!

- Make a list of people you are giving presents to and set a budget for each.
- Think about what kind of thing each person likes and where you might find it.
- If you're asking the person what they like, be subtle… or ask a friend for ideas!
- Check out discount stores - they have some bargains at this time of year!
- Don't buy something you're not sure about!

If money is tight and ideas are thin on the ground, make a name map for friends/ family. It's easy and effective! Get a square of cardboard and stick an offcut from an old map onto this. Carefully draw out the initial of the person you are making it for - if lettering isn't your strong point, look at cool fonts and lettering, choose a style and blow up the letter you like to size using a photocopier. You can then cut out and stick onto a pice of card, cutting neatly around the letter shape. Cover the letter shape with another map offcut, in a contrasting colour, or draw your own design in contrasting colours and stick this onto the background. You can then personalise the design with little extras… hearts, butterflies, flowers, whatever fits.

At some point in the Christmas season, you will forget a prezzie for someone who has got YOU one. Oops! Here are some last-minute rescues… worth having a few of these in reserve to avoid emergencies!

- A cool drawing, nicely framed.
- A book you've never read which the person may like.
- Home baked biscuits or cakes.
- Home made loombands or a knitted scarf.
- An online giftcard.
- A homemade certificate which promises the person a day out or a year's washing up for example!
- Chocolate!!!

Used all your cash on prezzies and need a last minute card? Make a pop-up card! Glue two long, think strips of paper into an 'L' shape and fold one length over the other, back and forth, concertina style, to make a kind of spring. Glue the ends together and stick the spring onto a plain or patterned piece of folded card. Draw a small snowman or santa to stick onto your spring, and write a message inside your card. Decorate the borders with patterns or glitter glue. Slip the card into an envelope… when opened, the motif will 'jump' out at you!

Cathy says:
Fab blog, Agnia! Remember, there are some great last-minute prezzie ideas in my book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS, too! Check it out! Have YOU got any cool ideas for getting organised for Christmas? COMMENT BELOW to share your thoughts!

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