Thursday 8 December 2016


Reader Lauren has a fun fashion quiz to help you work out your signature style... read on and see what your perfect outfit might be!

Lauren says:
Going out with friends? School disco? Important party maybe? Stuck for what to wear? No worries, this quiz will help you find the perfect look!

1. Do you like big parties or do you prefer quiet get togethers with friends?
a/ I'm more of a home bird - I like lounging on the sofa in my fave hoodie!
b/ I LOVE parties, I'll be rockin' it out ALL night!
c/ Hanging out with friends makes me happy - especially shopping trips!

2. The alarm clock has just gone off - and your friend is at the door! What do you do?
a/ Tell her to come back another day - preferably when you're awake!
b/ Ask her to wait... you'll shower and get ready, but it could take some time!
c/ You jump up and pull on some clothes... sorted!

3. What's your ideal summer's day?
a/ Snoozing with your BFF under a shady tree...
b/ Ice cream and a pool party... SWEET!
c/ Surfing, tennis, frisbees, reading... you name it!

4. It's Christmas Eve and you're going out with friends... where do you go?
a/ A girl's night - movie, popcorn, YAWN!
b/ The biggest party of the year - WHOOP!!!
c/ Late Christmas shopping for extra cool stuff. Oooh!

5. It's your birthday - what do you ask for?
a/ A fluffy blanket and a DVD box set... NICE!
b/ Sportswear, party clothes and a surf board (well, why not?)
c/ A vintage dress, some bangles and a book by your fave author.

Count up your results...

You love sleepovers and the cinema... you've got your comfort zone down to a fine art, but it might be a good plan for you to get out and mingle a bit more! Your perfect outfit is all about cosy comfort... if you're going to change out of your onesie, it will probably be into a cosy sweater, boyfriend jeans, suede boots and a cute fluffy coat!

You are an active and excitable girl... the life and soul of the party! Your perfect outfit just has to stand out from the crowd - choose dance-wear for casual, or a striking, statement dress in a jewel bright colour for going out, teamed with kitten heels and a flower in the hair!

You like to be different, and you love authentic, unusual things with a cute, quirky vibe. You love to shop and know all the cool boutiques and vintage stores. Pick a cool vintage dress teamed with bright woollen tights, flats, a cute duffel jacket and a little hat!

Cathy says:
I loved this fun quiz... thank you, Lauren! Were YOUR results accurate? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. C's. Although I'm actually not a huge fan on shopping.

  2. It wasn't accurate for me - mostly a)s - but I wear men's clothes and expensive raw denim jeans (my brother's a denimhead and I have about 5 pairs of raw denim that don't fit him anymore) so I guess I couldn't expect it to be spot on. I do like cosy clothes but I am so NOT about looking cute! I'll take my platform boots and army jacket over suede boots and a fluffy coat any day.

  3. I got mostly Cs, which describes me perfectly!

  4. i got A and B so im an exitable person and a person who likes to be comfy

  5. I got mostly c's and a's. Love to wear old, cute clothes. I also love going out, like shopping. And having fun!

  6. I got mostly A.... definitely me!!! I know I need to go out and mingle more eeeek!



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