Friday 30 December 2016


Do you know all there is to know about the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS? Test your knowledge in this fun and festive quiz! Post your answers below and you'll be in with a chance of winning a surprise New Year prize!!! (Names will be drawn from hat on January 3rd.)

1. Name two of the items Coco writes on her Christmas Wish-List in MARSHMALLOW SKYE.

2. What sweet treat do the sisters eat beside the fire while writing their Christmas Wish-Lists?

3. What does Fred the dog eat behind the sofa at the Christmas Eve party in MARSHMALLOW SKYE?

4. What is Skye's most unusual Christmas pressie in MARSHMALLOW SKYE?

5. Which Harry Potter film do the girls watch on New Year's Eve in MARSHMALLOW SKYE, and what snack do they eat?

6. What Christmas treat does Honey teach Emma to bake in the book SWEET HONEY?

7. What film does Honey imagine her sisters will be watching at Christmas in the book SWEET HONEY?

8. What is the name of the boy Honey meets on the beach on Christmas Day in the book SWEET HONEY?

9. Give me two of the New Year's resolutions Honey writes in her journal in the early hours of  New Year's Day in SWEET HONEY.

10.  Honey manages to land herself a part-time job on New Year's Day... where is the job, and what will she be doing?

11. Jodie has a short solo in which Christmas ballet production in the story HOPES & DREAMS?

12. Jodie and Summer hug in a blizzard outside which cafe in the story HOPES & DREAMS?

13. Lawrie Marshall and his mum and sister drive from Kendal to Tanglewood for a party to celebrate what occasion in the story SNOWFLAKES & WISHES?

14. What frightens Lawrie's dog Sheba and makes her run away at midnight in the story SNOWFLAKES & WISHES?

15. What animal do Coco and Lawrie rescue in the snowy woods at New Year in the story SNOWFLAKES & WISHES?

Illustrations taken from the French edition of CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS.

Cathy says:
Are you a CHOCOLATE BOX guru? Post your answers below and the person who gets the most correct answers - or first name out of hat if several have all the answers right - will win a fab prize. Will it be YOU? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Whoops, I nearly came a cropper pulling Sweet Honey and Marshmallow Skye from a pile of precariously stacked books! Got most of the answers though, although I don't own any of the minibooks. I'll guess those answers though. Anyway, here we go:

    1. A PONY (in block capitals) and a llama.

    2. Toasted marshmallow s'mores.

    3. Sausage rolls, pilfered while the humans weren't looking.

    4. A gramophone from 1910 that once belonged to Clara Travers.

    5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    6. Mince pies and Christmas cake. The mince pies get eaten quickly but the cake is still around by Christmas Day and Honey takes it to the beach with their picnic.

    7. It's A Wonderful Life

    8. Riley

    9. To paint more and to stop waking every morning at 4am.

    10. The café on Sunset Beach. Her duties are waitressing and a little bit of dishwashing, I'm presuming.

    11. I'm going to guess The Nutcracker?

    12. The Mad Hatter?

    13. New Year's Eve?

    14. Fireworks?

    15. Oh god. I really don't know. Wait, there's something on the character wiki about a fox called Bracken? Is it the fox that they rescue?

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  3. 1.A pony and a llama
    2.Toasted marshmallow s'mores
    3.sauasge rolls
    4. Clara travers old gramophone from the early 1900s
    5. Harry Potter and the prisoner of askaban
    6.Christmas cake and mince pies, they take some Christmas cake down to the beach on Christmas Day but when honey goes to eat it it is all melted and ruined
    7.Its a wonderful life
    9. To paint more and do more art and to stop waking so early in the morning
    10.The cafe that ash works at on sunset beach, she does waitressing but sometimes also prepares smoothies and stuff and does dishes
    11. The nutcracker I think
    12. The mad hatter cafe?
    13. New Years maybe?
    15. A fox, that they find stuck and they rescue it and name it bracken

  4. 1. a pony and a llama
    2. Marshmallow s'mores
    3. sausage rolls
    4. Clara Traver's old gramaphone
    5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    6. Christmas cake
    7. It's a Wonderful Life
    8. Riley
    9. Stop waking early and to do more art
    10. Waitress at the cafe on Sunset Beach and managing the smoothies!
    11. The Nutcracker
    12. The Mad Hatter
    13. New Years Eve
    14. Fireworks
    15. A fox trapped in a snare called Bracken

    Clara xxx

  5. When are the winners announced???
    Clara xxx

  6. Sorry - the winner was Blue Whatsername, prize has been posted. xxx



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