Sunday 18 December 2016


Readers tell us which pieces of clothing help them to get into the Christmas spirit... Christmas jumper? Festive PJs? Take your pick!

Cait says:
I have had a few Christmas jumpers over the years but I don't like the ones that are too cheesy, they just look cheap and nasty. Which is OK if it's just a throwaway Christmas thing, but then again... a bit of a waste! I got this last year in the sales, I chose it myself and it was a lot better than the one my gran had got me, which was nice but something I knew I just wouldn't wear. This is warm and bright and has a bit of a vintage feel, and it keeps me warm which is the main thing! My favourite Christmas item to wear was always my reindeer onesie, but I think the novelty of that may have finally worn off! Or maybe I'll wear it on Christmas morning to keep nice and toasty while I'm opening my pressies... ;o)

Lola says:
I live in India, and my family don't celebrate Christmas. We do Diwali! But I LOVE Christmas and I do have a Christmas jumper, so I thought I would share! The hat says "Li'l Elf" but the letters inverted because it's a selfie!

Maura says:
We have a tradition of wearing fake antlers at Christmas... even the dog! This year they came out early and my brother even wore them to school one day...

Jo says:
We always  get a new coat before Christmas and wear it to church for midnight mass. This year mine is a little red duffel coat with wooden toggles. I love it so much and it could not be more Christmassy. I am not allowed to wear it properly until Christmas Eve so I am literally counting the days! Is it wrong to wish for snow?

Rose says:
I got my Christmas pyjamas in November. There was Christmas music playing in all the shops and a part of me thought that it was MUCH too early and another part just really wanted Christmas to come! I was humming along to 'All I Want For Christmas' when suddenly in a charity shop I saw these pyjamas. They were brand new with the labels still on, and in my size - perfect! They've really helped me get into the Christmas mood. I was calling them my 'lucky Christmas pyjamas' but I'm not sure they are - I spilled milk from my cereal on them at breakfast. This afternoon I was dancing around to 'Christmas Must Be Something More' by Taylor Swift whilst trying to eat a posh pickled cucumber out of the jar - I ended up getting vinegar all over myself! Never dance in your PJs while holding an open jar of pickled cucumbers...

Cathy says:
Aww, love these posts! What is YOUR fave thing to wear this Christmas? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!



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