Friday 16 December 2016


Do YOU still send out handwritten Christmas cards, or do you let a status on social media do the job for you? We asked readers to explain what Christmas cards mean to them...

Lola says:
I am making a Christmas card for a penpal in another country... a handmade card is special, right? I have never met my penpal, but I guess that just makes it more fun!

Jessica says:
I always send cards to my friends and I always get one back - by the end of term, my window ledge is full of them! Our family still sends them too, often with little letters to people we haven't seen in a while. Sometimes I help make them, too!

Jade says:
I love Christmas cards! I rarely get post, so getting a Christmas card through the door it's special to open it and hang it on tinsel strings around the house. OK, the easy option is to text or phone, but sending a real card has so much more meaning behind it!

Lucie says:
My mum isn't sending cards this year, except to close family - she is donating to a cancer charity instead, as we lost my gran to cancer this year. I understand why Mum is doing things this way, but I still plan to write cards for my friends at school... it wouldn't be Christmas without that!

Kym says:
I love Christmas cards but I'm quite fussy about who I send them to! I only send to the people who are the most important to me. After Christmas I cut up the old cards to make gift tags for the following year!

Katie says: 
I haven't written any this year - yet! I like cards and love writing and something about writing those personalised little Christmas messages is just so sweet!

Jodie says:
In theory I would like to, but when you think of it, it's kind of a waste of trees and paper! I end up forgetting to put up half the cards I get from school, they stay buried in my rucksack until the New Year, which is a bit pointless. I plan to just put a nice picture and message on my Instagram and Snapchat instead.

Sophie says:
I make homemade cards for a very few special people in my life, including faraway friends. I like doing it - those cards are made with love! As for the rest, I'm not worried... I wouldn't be offended if I didn't get one as people do Christmas differently these days.

Kelsie says:
I am so disorganised I end up carrying a box of cards around in my bag for most of December - someone you've forgotten will probably give you a card, so it's best to be prepared! I love the whole tradition of it, and I think it's important to go that extra mile and show your friends that you care. I'm just a Christmas addict!

Nicky says:
I spent a fortune last year sending cards and letters through the post. People say it's a waste of money but telling the people you care about how much they mean to you is never wasted, is it? It's what Christmas is all about!

Cathy says:
I love sending Christmas cards and pressies... and picking out the right card or pressie is half the fun! Do YOU still send cards? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I always send Christmas cards, seeing as they show people you care... I sent one to my crush, and today he dropped one on my desk as he passed by! OK, so he spelt "from" wrong (he put "frrom") but it's the thought that counts :-)

  2. i still need to sent christmas cards!!!! i'v only got until Wednesday the 21st of December!!! i'm going to send one to my crush oscar. he's very special



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