Friday 9 February 2018


Reader Sophie reveals her thoughts on this timeless children's classic...take a peek!

Sophie says:
I love reading classic books but my absolute favourite has to be ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by Lucy Maud Montgomery (and all the others in the series). I have read it countless times and have collected a small selection of different editions with different covers of all the books in the series. I was most excited when I found an antique edition of Anne of the Island which I found in a charity shop and I am always looking out for more. I have also read a prequel to ANNE OF GREEN GABLES called 'BEFORE GREEN GABLES', written by Budge Wilson, which is her imagining of Anne's life before she got to Green Gables which was fascinating and just as good as the original books. I am now reading the journals of L.M. Montgomery which are just as heart-warming and relatable as her Anne books. I even dressed up as Anne on World Book Day one year! 

The lovely thing about Anne's books (and Montgomery's journals) is how similar life was for teenage girls back in the 19th Century than it is now! Usually, we think life must been very different and boring back then, but teenager issues seem to have always been the same, such as friendship troubles, boy worries, sleepovers still happened, which makes the book as accessible and relatable as ever. 

The first Anne book is about an elderly brother and sister who live at Green Gables, a small farm on Prince Edward Island in Canada. They want to adopt an orphan boy to help out on the farm as the man is getting older and not as strong. A terrible error occurs and they are sent a girl instead - Anne. Girls were generally not wanted for help 'in those days' and not thought of as being strong so they were dreadfully disappointed. Finally, they fall in love with Anne and decide to keep her anyway. Anne has a habit of falling into trouble when she doesn't intend to, which somehow makes us as readers love her even more and makes us giggle too. She has a wonderful outlook on life and makes us see the world through Anne's eyes too. I love her raw portrayal of friendship and happiness as well as pain and unhappiness. Whatever Anne feels, we feel it too.

When I first read the book, I found a friend in Anne. I related to her and felt like she said everything I think in my head but don't say! If I'm feeling sad, I know I can always open an Anne book and feel like I'm with a friend and have a chat with her and she will make me laugh and cheer me up.  I would recommend ANNE OF GREEN GABLES to anyone who has enjoyed current children's or YA books and I would recommend Montgomery's other books including the EMILY OF NEW MOON series which are beautiful books too.

Cathy says: 
What a lovely write-up from Sophie! I LOVED reading about Anne's adventures when I was growing up. Have you read and connected to ANNE OF GREEN GABLES? COMMENT BELOW and tell us what you think!

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