Saturday 24 February 2018


Reader Isabela from Serbia loved my book MARSHMALLOW SKYE a lot - until the short story MOON & STARS was published! Read on to find out why!

Isabela says:
You've got me obsessed with MARSHMALLOW SKYE. At first, when I was reading this book I've taken from library about the Tanberry girls, CHERRY CRUSH, I wasn't so fascinated by Skye. But now, MARSHMALLOW SKYE is my favourite book (then SWEET HONEY and then CHERRY CRUSH). MARSHMALLOW SKYE is just like my world - a dreamy, fairytale, mystery, melted in the past. I really felt for Skye in every moment - and like Skye, I too had a serious crush on Finch. Skye and Finch are, or I better say were, a perfect couple. Meant to be. She dreamed about him before she even MET the boy - it was like... well, like a fairytale.

And then I found out about MOON & STARS, and their 'happy ever after' breakup. I wanted to cry. I'm really sensitive about book characters and it really made me sad - it killed the atmosphere that previous book made. Now that I'm over it enough to think about it clearly, I beg you, Cathy Cassidy, even if it sounds impossible, fix their fairytale. I mean it from my heart! I want to be a writer when I grow up (and so much more) and adore the style of CC books. Those books are my role models. Every couple from Tanglewood has a some kind of a happy ending so why not Skye and Finch? Maybe you'll say that that's just the way their story goes... but I won't give up. Please, make these broken hearts happy and (I hope you don't mind if I say this dumb thing) 'together as one' again!

I know that I'm a little late for writing this. Maybe they'll get a happy ending somewhere else with somebody else. And that would be... OK. But, then I don't see the point with all they had before, if they are just gonna let it go and forget it...

Cathy says:
I love it when a reader gets so involved with a story that it feels real - and I do know how Isabela feels. I loved Skye and Finch's romance, but sadly, not all love stories have a happy ending, and not all boys are as perfect as they first seem! How do YOU feel about Skye and Finch's split? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Um, ahem, Cathy! You can't do this to us! I totally agree with Isabela! Skye is my favourite CC character of ALL TIME and when I read Moon & Stars, I was like: **gasp** how COULD you!!! My sister warned me not to read it 'cause she knows how much I love Skye.

    Still, I guess I was getting a little (just a LIIIIIITTLE) bit fed up with perfect handsome Finch. The more I read about him, and the more I thought about him, the more SMUG and OVER-GLORIOUS and even (in Moon & Stars) slightly Gary Stu-ish.



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