Friday 23 February 2018


New columnist Laura shares her tips on how to handle the tough times - and survive to tell the tale!

Laura says:
Life is full of change and challenge - a new school, a new job, an interview, a row, a family illness, sometimes even a death. How can you face up to the difficult stuff without losing the plot? Here are some tried and tested tips.

- It’s OK to feel sad. Sometimes, it’s natural to be upset, angry, anxious, hurt or grieving. Accept the feeling... it’s a part of coping.

- Look after yourself. When life gets scary, we often neglect ourselves - other things seem more important. But it’s important to eat, exercise and sleep well so that you’re strong enough to handle whatever is happening.

- Keep things in perspective. Yes, something difficult may be happening, but there are still lots of good things to be glad about. Keep the bigger picture in mind.

- Stay cool. Shock and stress can make us angry or prone to looking for someone to blame, but that won’t help matters. Bitterness can only pull you down.

- Take time out. When you’re stressed, look for ways to relax and escape for a while... whether it’s reading, sport, art, singing or something else completely, find your way to take time out.

- Talk to someone. It can help to talk to a trusted friend or a teacher at school, because they will know you’re not yourself and probably be worried. Having someone to unload your worries to can make a huge difference.

- It will pass. You may be feeling awful right now, but the situation won’t be this way forever... things can change and ease, and you can get through. Good luck!

Cathy says:
Couldn't have said it better myself! Keeping these things in mind really help calm me down when I face challenges! Do YOU have any more tips? COMMENT BELOW...

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