Sunday 25 February 2018


Readers share their feelings on letting go of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series... 

Samona says:
I have read all of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series now and I am going to miss them so much. I remember when I first met Cathy, two years ago, at a book signing - if I hadn't gone along I wouldn't have read these amazing books and I'd have missed out on loads! I really enjoyed reading about each sister's point of view, learning their unique personalities. The books made me feel like I was actually at Tanglewood! I have absolutely loved the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS and all the way through I've felt like I was there with the Tanberry/ Costello family, always waiting eagerly for the next instalment. I will miss this series so much!

Katie says:
As soon as I put SWEET HONEY down I begged and pleaded for Mum to order FORTUNE COOKIE online, and finally it came. What did I think of it? ADORABLE. I think it was good because the Tanberry's father doing the things he always did turned out to have a silver lining in the shape of Jake Cook, or Cookie. Expect Cathy's wonderful writing mixed with kooky secret letters and Chinese food. Spoilers, of course, because this is the end of the series (sob!) but it is just the ending the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS needed. It is even delightfully gender neutral! I love the cameos of the other sisters and the way the family has progressed. A perfect book that means that any fanfics I may write don't have to end the series, because the resolution to the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS is all right there in the book FORTUNE COOKIE! Thank you Cathy for writing the entire amazing series!

Keisha says:
OK, I was late to the party but I began reading the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS books in June after Cathy came to my school on a book tour. I bought CHERRY CRUSH and that was that, I was hooked. I got three more books for my birthday, and then the last two with a book voucher I had been given. The books shaped my whole summer, and I don't think I will ever get over the fantasy of life at Tanglewood, or forget the characters because they seem more real than some of the people I know. I was a roller-coaster series and I will never forget it. I have read all six books cover to cover three times over now, and I am still not ready to leave the world of the stories. Then I discovered that a friend at school had read them all too was as mad about them as me, and that she had two extra books I didn't have, LIFE IS SWEET (short stories) and CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS. So guess what is going onto my Christmas list? I didn't want this series to ever end, and my wish came true - it hasn't yet, for me!

Cathy says:
Awww, it's lovely to know how much you've loved the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS. Although I'm now in the middle of writing my new series, LOST & FOUND (first book LOVE FROM LEXIE!) I too find that it's not easy to step away from the cool, magical world of Tanglewood! Have YOU read all of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS books? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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