Friday 2 February 2018


Reader Hollie tells us about her hideaway... a perfect place to chill and dream!

Hollie says:
I have the smallest room in the house (it’s even smaller than the bathroom!) Being the second child, my sister was automatically assigned the large room with three windows looking out onto the garden and I have the room that London buses go past at 11.34 at night. But my room is my heaven. It’s small, but perfectly formed!

Because it’s so small we could afford to have Laura Ashley wallpaper and wooden flooring put through it, but, to be fair, you can’t see a great deal of the wallpaper for all the pictures and paintings on the wall!

As you can see, I’m not a minimalist sort of person; I don’t do classy wallpaper on a feature wall and clean white furniture and a pot plant. I have Ikea furniture up to the ceiling on one wall (God bless Swedish Flatpacks) because of course you need somewhere to store the large amount of notebooks and socks I have acquired over the years. Any visible wall is full of photographs of the people I love, paintings my gorgeous friends have done for me, and a MASSIVE nail varnish station because I went through a phase when I was 14. It’s busy, and it’s quirky and it’s not for the claustrophobic. But it’s for me, and when I lie down with three sets of fairy lights a-glow at bedtime (I have to use a tower because I only have two plug sockets) then the world just seems warmer, and more Hollie-fied. And isn't that just what a bedroom should be?

Cathy says:
Lovely! Your room looks so cosy, Hollie! It's fab to have your own space, even if it's tiny... it gives you room to dream! Do YOU have a cool bedroom retreat? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


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  2. I don't have a cool bedroom. I never have. The houses I lived in until I was 18 were pretty much dilapidated (the house we spent a couple of months in when I was 18 had mushrooms growing in the window because the rain dripped through. I don't think they were edible mushrooms although I didn't try and eat them) and my room in this house is half painted because the previous owner painted around his furniture. I know, I have no idea why he thought that was a good idea either. You can see where there were shelves and bookcases against the wall. However, we're changing this. We're replacing the ugly brown carpet with a linoleum and we're painting the walls. Blue, obviously! Hopefully, I'll be able to make Mum see that the little bookcase can't contain my library because I have about 5 different stacks of books that there's no space for on the bookcase. I'm going to make a feature wall out of posters (I'll need to laminate them because my cats eat posters) that I've had sitting around, unused, for 4 years. I think it will be good for me to wake up to a room that reflects me rather than a stained brown carpet and walls that are two different shades of beige. I have no pride in my room at the moment. I only spend most of my time there because I'm scared of my parents' evil cat. I want it to be a room I enjoy being in, my haven, just as Hollie's room is for her.

    1. You should have eaten the mushrooms. They could have been chocolate in disguise.

  3. Hollie's room awesome I love it, mine is nowhere near as cool. My bedroom is quite small too. I have tall Ikea bookcases too for all my books and some very old furniture which I've had as long as I can remember! I have lots of knick-knack things around the room and on the walls. I have a pink beaded curtain over the blind too which is nice, and a computer desk with lots more little ornaments :)



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