Wednesday 28 February 2018


Reader Georgia describes how curling up with a favourite book can wipe away your worries and troubles and let you escape into a magical, fictional world...

Georgia says:
I'm sixteen, and not so long ago I used to read CC books all the time. CHERRY CRUSH was the first one I read... it will always be my favourite, but I soon went on to read the rest of the series and some of the stand-alone books. Just lately, I haven't been having the easiest of times, and then by chance today I came across my old copy of MARSHMALLOW SKYE, which I read when I was about twelve. I picked it up and before I knew it, I had read the whole book. It was amazing - just like the first time I read it, I got sucked into that whole world of Tanglewood and forgot about everything else. Which was totally what I needed today.

When I first picked up the book, I worried that I might not be able to get back into the story - after all, when I first read them, I was the same age as Skye and Summer and now I'm older than most of the characters in the book, but it made no difference at all. I just fell into the story. I think out of all the sisters, I relate most to Skye as I too love everything vintage and have a strong bond with the past. I really just love the whole story with Clara and Finch, finding the old trunk with velvet dresses and forgotten love letters would just be my dream. Or maybe actually going back in time!

Anyway, because things have been tricky lately, it was just pure pleasure to be sucked into that CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS world and forget everything else that was going on. Perfect escapism! I remembered how much I loved my CC books and re-discovering them made me decide to check out the newer CC books as well as re-read some of my old favourites. Some things you never grow out of, right?

Cathy says:
Awww! What a fantastic post! I love the way so many of my older readers refuse to let go of the stories and find that they can grow up with them. Which CC book is YOUR fave? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. It's so strange that I have the exact same feelings towards this series as Georgia haha! I'm also 16, and read the books when I was about 12. Escapism in its finest!

  2. Reading books from your childhood definitely helps when you're having a bad day! brings a sense of nostalgia with it too!

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