Monday 5 February 2018


Reader Katie has a brilliant snowy story for you... make yourself a hot chocolate, curl up and read!

'Why is it that when I see snow I always think of Frozen?'

I wipe the snowflakes off my eyelashes. It is positively Frozen.

My younger sister laughs and says, 'Because we watch it every Friday afternoon!'

I nod. 'Right' I say. 'When can I show you Spiderman again?'

My sister responds by throwing a snowball at me. We laugh and walk further through the thickening snow.

'Wait, STOP!' I scream, throwing my hands up in shock. My sister was about to back into a soft pile of snow, stained with something bright red.

'It’s blood, isn’t it?' my sister looks round, suddenly concern is etched on her face. I nod, gesturing that she should move away. I kneel against the pile of snow, and lean over. Six kittens mew up at me. The trail of blood trickles off into the distance.

'Oh!' my younger sister cries. Hurriedly, we begin stuffing the bloodstained kittens into the pockets and hoods of our coats, nestling them in our beanies and scarves. We waddle as quickly as we can while trying not to disturb the kittens. Safely home, with no sign of their mother, we clean them gently and feed them milk. They are named for the location at which they were probably born, and where we found them. Flake, Blizzard, Crush, Icy and Snowball blink up at me. There is just one kitten left to name. I sit back on my heels and think.

'Ruby' I turn to my sister, knowing we will never forget the blood-stained snow.

Cathy says:
Oooh... I want to know more! How did they end up there? Why? Fab stuff, Katie! If YOU love to write, why not give a 'like' to the CC Facebook Fan Page and join in with the regular story challenges? And feel free to COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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