Friday, 23 September 2016


Blogger Megan has some top tips for making your blog look great with some neat photography tips... whether you have a blog or not, her advice will make sure your pics are the best they can be!

Megan says:
Do you love the writing aspect of blogging but struggle when it comes to photography? If you answered yes, then don't worry! It's not so hard to create fun, eye-catching photos to accompany your wonderful writing. It's worth improving your photography because articles/ blog posts with images get 94% more views than those without! Let's get started...

If you're taking a photo of an object rather than some scenery, create an interesting background for the photo. this will add interest and perfectly border the item you're showcasing! Try interesting gift wrap from a card shop or drape a charity shop scarf behind your main object... you can ransack the family wardrobes for background fabrics and you might just find something unique!

If you're focusing on one item that you are reviewing, try not to put too many random items around it - this will only distract and confuse readers. They won't know what to look at! There's no need to get rid of the cool little details, but do give the main focus a bit of room! It doesn't have to be complicated.

Not every photo you take has to have a purpose. I often forget this and just take pictures when I need one for a post, but taking a few photos every week means you're getting lots of practice and you will get better with time! You might even want to join a photography club in your area or school for a little extra guidance!

Lighting helps to bring life to your photos and makes sure everything is clear. Try to use natural light whenever possible to avoid photos looking fake - choose the best part of the day to take your photos so that it's nice and bright. If your photo still looks a little dull, you can fix it at the editing stage by turning up the brightness, exposure and/or vibrancy.

If you want your photos to stand out then editing is key! If you're a beginner, use the simple edits built into your phone or on free apps, and work your way up to the special editing websites and software. I love using PicMonkey because even the free version has lots of options - it's fun to experiment with while you're getting to know the features!

Hopefully my five photography tips for bloggers can help you to create cool photos for your blog... I wish you the bets of luck perfecting your skills. Let me know how it goes!

Cathy says:
I love this! I am a bit of an Instagram addict, and I find that those filters and borders make almost any pic look better, but Megan's tips are excellent! Are YOU good with a camera? COMMENT BELOW to share your own tips!


  1. Best of luck, not bets of luck. Unless that's a new saying! I'm not really good at taking photos, my hands are quite shaky and I can never quite get the lighting right. I try my best though!

  2. Love Love LOVE taking pictures!!!!! <3

  3. Fantastic post!! I often find that my pictures aren't eye-catchy enough and my writing blog is lacking proper photos but these straightforward tips have been a great eye-opener for what I should do next! Using gift wrap as a background for instance... genius! <3



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