Wednesday 5 March 2014

A real-life Coco Tanberry... meet HANNAH!

Hi Hannah... tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure! I actually know Cathy Cassidy a little, because she used to be my art teacher back in primary school... and these days my little sister Lucy is a CC fan! I'm a student now, studying Animal Management and Science, and I am hoping to get a job in conservation or zoo management one day.

We hear you're just back from a uni trip to Prague?

That's right. The idea was to visit the zoos there and compare the standard of animal care and welfare. It was an expensive trip, but so worth it! Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, with such a rich history. Our lovely guide Karolina helped us to explore!

So, how was Prague Zoo?

It was amazing! The zoo covers more than 50 hectares of land and the views were breathtaking!I love photography and got some great pictures of the animals... I fell in love with the baby elephant  and the baby giraffes and the leopard too!
When Karolina finally managed to drag us out of the zoo - quite a task when dealing with 15 animal lovers - she whisked us off on a tour of Prague itself, which included the castle, the Charles Bridge where we saw the amazing mechanical show put on every hour, and the iconic St Vitus Cathedral with its stunning stained glass and amazing architecture.

Did you explore anywhere beyond Prague?

Yes, on the Wednesday we drove for two hours out to Dvur Kralove Zoo, near to the Polish border. This is considered to the the  best zoo in Czech republic and has a fantastic breeding record with all kinds of animals, including the rare okapi. Again, it's a massive place, covering 93 hectares; part of this is a drive-through safari.

What advice do you have for readers who would like to work with animals?

You will need passion and genuine enthusiasm! Get some work experience - don't wait for school to set you up with something, seek out opportunities and get involved!

What are your dreams and ambitions?

I want to work closely with animals, either in a zoo, in the wild or by way of conservation. Alternatively, I would happily work in animal rescue and rehabilitation. I hope to have a positive impact on the animals I work with, and if I can help and educate people along the way would be a huge bonus too!

If you love animals, read my book COCO CARAMEL... and start making a difference for animals in need by volunteering to help at a local kennels or animal rescue, or even walking dogs for an elderly neighbour or feeding cats while friends are away on holiday. Would you like to work with animals? Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW to let us know your animal stories!


  1. I have looked after pets while friends were on holiday but i want to do something extra for animals, any ideas?

    1. Why not volunteer for a local animal rescue, or walk dogs for an elderly neighbour? You could try fundraising for an animal charity, too!

    2. I don't have a local rescue but I live in the countryside near a few farms so maybe I'll help there, thanks for the advice Cathy, Blondie xxx

  2. Hi Blondie
    Yeah, I'm definitely with Cathy here, volunteering with rescues is a great way to get involved with animals and is very rewarding. Also, dog walking for any elderly neighbours who might appreciate a hand or helping with lambing on a local farm? It sounds silly but sometimes a simple Google search for animal rescues or animal related volunteering options in your area can be pretty effective, then fire off a few emails to the people in charge. They appreciate you taking the initiative! Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Hannah, maybe I'll ask if i can help at my local farm, i used to know someone and their grandparents run the farm so you never know. Or once i saw in a magazine there was a place that raised money for animal shelters (the design is a bit like a greenhouse) so maybe I'll raise money for that place thanks for the good luck and good luck to you if you ever deside to help animals Blondie xxx PS. Thanks for the advice, it really is appreciated

  3. Cathy, when will the winner of the horse trust comp be announced? Blondie

  4. wow, that must have been amazing to have cathy cassidy as a teacher! Hamdi:)xxx



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