Sunday, 2 March 2014


Sometimes, on a book tour, I visit a school that goes the extra mile and really, really makes me smile. That happened this tour with the fabulous Morpeth School in London... where a group of Year Ten girls took the cake sale idea from my book Coco Caramel and turned it into reality.

Inspired by a young staff member and with the help of Ms Obiji's awesome baking skills,  the girls decided to hold their own charity cake sale... together they made an dazzling array of cakey goodness. With cupcakes and slices of sponge cake priced at £1, the  girls set up their stall and began to sell to their fellow students.

All the hard work was worthwhile... every cake sold, and no wonder! They looked seriously awesome! (Trust me, I am a cake expert...) The cake sale put a smile on the faces of Morpeth students - and raised the amazing sum of £241.62. That's what I call a win-win situation!

The first I heard about the cake sale was after my event finished... a display board was turned around to reveal photos of the fundraiser event, and the girls involved presented me with a cheque and asked me which animal charity I would like to donate it to. Of course, I had to choose The Horse Trust! You can see them in the latest series of CCTV video blogs, with Coco, right here!
Huge thanks to all the brilliant students at Morpeth who made this possible... your cake sale will really make a difference!

So here's a challenge - can YOU hold a school cake sale with your friends? Decide on a charity, ask permission from teachers and arrange a day that suits everybody.
Then get baking - and selling! There are lots of cool recipes on the GROOVY page of my website to get you started! Who will you donate the money to? It's your call, but you could try an animal charity like The Horse Trust, The Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, Cat's Protection , The PDSA, a local animal rescue or something else completely! A great charity raising money to support children and teenagers with cancer is It'sGood2Give - I'm one of their patrons, and they really are amazing. But there are lots of amazing charities who would love some help and support!

Send us your pictures here and tell us what you raised and who for... we'll publish the best in a later DREAMCATCHER post. So what are you waiting for?

Think you can take the challenge? Go on... Coco would be proud! COMMENT BELOW and tell us what you're planning!


  1. I already have a special week that's being planned by the charity specialist in my school. It's called Purple Week and it's to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. The charity is like Make a Wish for Epileptics. I know this charity because I had a form tutor in Year 8 (year of revolution!!!) who has post traumatic epilepsy. I really like Purple too! :o)

  2. I know there is a some films that are coming out for autism awareness week, like the muppets most wanted and rio 2. I'm going to see the muppets :) Blondie

  3. Some of my friends and I held a cupcake day to raise money for The Cancer Council's 'Relay for Life'. Relay for life is a fundraising activity where you camp out overnight at an oval or something like that and you walk around it for 24 hours, in shifts. It was fun and pretty tiring. I think I got 20 mins sleep all up....



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