Friday 28 March 2014


Arghh! It's almost Mother's Day (Sunday 30th March) and your piggy bank is almost empty... what to do? Check out our ideas for cool Mother's Day prezzies that won't bankrupt you!

Cathy says:
A book...
If your mum loves to read, buy her something from her fave author... or help her to discover something new! My fab writer-pal FIONA GIBSON has a new book, Take Mum Out, on the shelves right now. It's about a divorced mum who decides to start dating again and her two teen sons who are less than impressed at the whole idea. Take Mum Out is funny, warm and packed with feeling... I thought it was fab! Best of all, it's on sale at a reduced price in many of the big supermarket chains (only £2 in Tesco), as well as your fave bookstore. A perfect gift for Mother's Day! Here's Fiona doing a 'selfie' with the book... look out for it!

Reader Annie says:
Make a Jewellery Stand!
You will need: an old glue stick (such as Pritt), two loo roll middles, tape, double sided tape,hot glue gun, scissors, coloured paper (patterned paper looks especially cool).
1/ Stick the cap of the empty Pritt stick onto the tube with tape.
2/ Cover top and bottom edges of loo roll tubes and Pritt stick tube with double sided tape.
3/ Remove backing from double sided tape and cover each tube with coloured paper, trim neatly.
4/ Stick the loo roll tubes together with tape.
5/ Place blob of hot glue on top of the Pritt stick tube with glue gun.
6/ Quickly place loo roll tubes on top. Perfect to display bracelets, necklaces and more!
7/ Too fiddly? A few cheats can make it even easier! It works well without the Pritt tube bit... use a kitchen roll middle and cover with cool paper to make an upright stand for bracelets... earrings can be hung from the top edge!

Cathy says:
Annie was one of my Chocolate Fairies at Leeds in February and gave me the beautiful jewellery tidy you can see on the right... how cool? Channel your 'Blue Peter' craftiness and see what YOU can do!
Caitlin says:
Make a cool bag!
1/ You need felt, a scrap of fabric with a nice pattern or image, coloured string or ribbon, two buttons, cotton thread, needle, embroidery thread and needle, pins.
2/ Fold felt over and cut to size - anything from a small clutch bag size to a larger shoulder bag size, depending on how much felt you have. Pin felt to hold the shape.
3/ Cut out the image on your scrap fabric - I cut a flower/leaf image from my fabric - and carefully stitch onto the middle of the front, being careful to sew
through just one layer of fabric - you don't want to stitch the two layers of felt together at this stage! Sew on the buttons in top left and bottom right corners.
4/ Use embroidery thread and needle to sae random flowers for decorations. The starting point for the needle is the middle of the flower, just make stitches outwards from there for petals.
5/ Turn felt inside out and stitch sides and bottom together with small running stitches. Leave top open. Turn back the right way and you have most of the bag done.
6/ Carefully sew the ribbon or string to the back of the bag to make a strap. Now sit back and marvel at your new masterpiece!

Do YOU have a last minute tip or idea for a Mother's day prezzie that's cool and different? COMMENT BELOW to share your suggestions!


  1. Why not try planting a few flowers. If you can find a pot, decorate it with permanent markers. If you can't find a pot, use a cool and quirky container like a welly or an ice cream tub xxx

    1. That's a gorgeous idea Miriam! The gift that keeps on growing... and planting into a welly or an old shoe would be so cool! xxx



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