Sunday 30 March 2014


Whether you're bezzie mates or daggers drawn, Mother's Day is a time to show your mum you care. We caught up with some mums and daughters to find out what they have to say!

Aysha (mum) says:
I find Azania very a understanding and patient listener with whom I can discuss anything and everything. She is a part of me which I couldn't be myself. We do have our own set of arguments but we can sure sort them out after a 'cool off' period!

Azania (daughter) says:
Muma is more of a best friend than a parent to me. I love her to bits and tell her everything - and even if I don't, she can usually work out what's bothering me! Muma and I do fight, but it's never too major. We always let things blow over and discuss them. The fights usually centre around the mess I call my room... ;o)

Louise (mum) says:
Rebecca has struggled with bullying as she has vitiligo, a skin condition. Before I had Rebecca, I lost a baby to cancer; they say this may have affected Rebecca, picking up certain cells. She's a very loving and compassionate girl and always puts others first. She makes me so proud that she's my girl - she's amazing! We don't always see eye to eye but I learn from her, so much. My girl has my heart, and she always will.

Rebecca (daughter) says:
My relationship with my mum is amazing. I can tell her anything and trust her with anything. After everything we've been through I know 100% that she has my back. I'm the second oldest of four kids, but she loves us all just the same. I can't always speak to her whenever I want as she has to work, but if I needed her she'd drop everything for me. I'm not saying we get on perfectly all of the time as that would be a lie, but she's amazing and non-judgemental. I know she loves me with her whole heart and I love her back!

Sue (mum) says:
I love Blue's sense of humour and her quirky ways. If I am sad, she brings me yummy treats. We get on great because I let her be an individual which she appreciates.

Blue (daughter) says:
My mum is great fun to be around and my friends think she's really cool, especially my best mate who comes to Alton Towers with us (we've been twice and are hoping to make it a regular holiday.) Mum is spontaneous and funny and accepts my individuality so we get on really well. although our faces often hurt from laughing! I don't resemble her much physically but I'm pleased when people say we have similar personalities. Mum also has a serious side. She's always ready to stand up for me, and whatever challenges I face I know she's there for me. She's a brilliant mum.

Shirley says:
We love spending time together and even enjoy the same taste in music. Kazia helps me stay positive when things get tough, and we both help to keep each other strong.
Kazia says:
Mum and I can talk to each other about anything and we hardly ever argue. If we do fall out, it's always solved with a cup of tea and a hug! Since Mum got diagnosed with breast cancer in December, we've become closer still and try to spend as much time together as possible, even though I actually live with my dad.

Awww... such fab stories! Want to give a shout out to YOUR fabulous mum? COMMENT BELOW to tell us why she's so cool!

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  1. Mum's mostly the reson why I'm me! She always has a way of making me happy and I love how she likes treating me like a little baby (Although it's hard to try and grow up when she does!). She's the best!



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